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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gameballs vs Titans

By: Greg
A perfect game. The defense could not of played any better. The offense was clicking. Brady got his mojo back. Maroney ran straight ahead. Many players deserve a gameball this week but we at the Blaugh only were given two to give out. So the gameballs go to.....

Offense: Tom Brady

After a horrible showing in the second half of the Broncos game, Brady woke up and starting clicking with his receivers. He had more Touchdowns 6 than incompletions 5. Broke numerous records and only played a little bit over a half. He ended the game with 380 yards. Is the real Tom Brady back??

Defense: Brandon McGowan

I absolutely love this guy. He has been a beast. I can't get enough of him. McGowan has been all over the field. On Sunday he had 8 tackles and 1 forced fumble. A few players could have been given the game ball on defense but McGowan lead the team in tackles and deserves big credit this year.

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