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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Injury Report

By; Greg

Good News. Wes Welker the waterbug is active. InVincable Wilfork is active. Joey wheretheres a will theres a Galloway is not active.

Welker will be a huge addition today. Tom Brady gets his safety blanket back and will dump down to him on blitzes.

Wilfork is big in the middle against Ray Fried Rice and Whatcha talking about Willis McGahee. If the Pats can stop the running game, it will put pressure on Flacco to air it out.

Galloway is not active but is not hurt (as far as I know). This means that BB and Tom Brady do not have confidence in him. Julian Edelman will be the third WR. This could spell doom for Galloway. If his confidence wasnt shot after a few big drops then it is now. Galloway could be a candidate for cut city.

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