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Friday, October 2, 2009

Mahk's Lock of Week 4

By J.R.

Mahk J.R. (pronounced in regions other than New England like "Mark J.R.") is our numbers guy. By "numbers" we mean gambling and by "our guy" we mean our guy–for the blog and if we need a tip to make rent. He provides the same service for you loyal readers here, and you don't even have to buy him a beer or a Jager Bomb, though you'd love to after following his advice.

The Mahk Lock of the Week is: Titans -3

The Titans lost a hard fought game last week at the Titans of New York. If the Titans of Tennessee want to contend for anything at all this year, they will have to win this game in Jacksonville. Don't think Jeff Fisher will allow his team to lose this match-up. Chris Johnson has a big day and the Tennessee defense shuts down MJD.

Titans 24 - Jaguars 13

Lock it up.

What does Hayden Panettiere have to do with Mahk's Lock? She was in Remember the Titans.

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