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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Patriots Preview vs Oilers

By: Greg

The Titans are 0 and 5. They have a bad quarterback. The lost their best defensive player from last season. Their two starting defensive backs are out for Sundays game. They are starting two rookie Corners. Sounds like an easy win huh? Not so quick my pal.

The Titans have played every team they faced very tough. They were a 12-4 team last season. They have one of the best running backs in Chris Johnson. They have a very smart head coach. They need to win this game or their season is over.

Keys to the Game:

1. Getting Brady back on track

Tom was terrible in the second half of last game. He completed less than 45 percent of his passes and made numerous timing mistakes. Well this could be the game (I know we have been saying this every game) he breaks out. The Titans are starting two rookie CBs and their two best CBs are out for the game. Brady should go to Moss and Welker with ease. I really really think Brady will have huge numbers

2. Getting out to an early lead.

If the Pats can take an early lead this means that Kerry Collins will have to throw and throw some more. This means the Pats can pin their ears back on an immobile QB. Getting an early lead also means less of Chris Johnson......

3. Stopping Chris Johnson.

This guy can take it the distance any time he touches the ball. That mean the Pats must gang tackle. They have been stout vs the run this season. As long as Chris Johnson doesnt break one long the Pats will be in good shape.

4. Establishing a number three receiver

With the health of the Titans secondary the Pats will pass and pass and pass. However I think for Toms confidence and the future success of the offense, the Pats need a third receiver to emerge. Whether it is EdelTHEman, Galloway or Aiken, someone needs to step up.

Players to watch on the Oilers

Offense- Chris Johnson

As I said CJ can take it to the house any time he touches the ball. Look for the Titans to work the screen game against the Pats and CJ is very dangerous in the open field.

Defense- Kieth Bullock

Guy has 41 tackles on the season and is known for getting in trouble on the field


Tom Brady- Last week he was the goat, this week hell be the hero. Brady will tear up the young Titans corners and hurting Titans defense. Look for over 350 yards and 3 TDs. Moss and Welker will have big games also.

Big Vince Wilfork- Wilfork will play a key role in stopping CJ. Vince has been a beast so far this season.

Prediction- Pats 41 Titans- 17- The Offense will finally start clicking. Vince Young will play in garbage time. Put it on the board.

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