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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Say What? Seau. Junior returns to the Patriots

By: Greg

Junior Seau is back in grad school. A few years ago Junior Said he had "graduated" from the Dolphins and the NFL, but then went to grad school with the Pats. He got his masters but now is back for his doctorate.

Junior Seau has been saying for weeks that he wants to come back to the Patriots. Most of us thought it would happen, but not this early. He said that he had 6 to 8 games left in him. The NFL gives newly signed players 2 weeks before they have to give up a roster spot. So this gives the Pats up into the bye week for Junior to get back into NFL shape.

Junior will most likely be a part time player. He will provide leadership and knowledge to a young defensive linebacking system.

This move also shows that BB does not have faith in his young back up linebackers: Alexander and Pierre Woods. The Pats now have a rotation at MLB of Mayo, Guyton and Seau. Pretty solid group.

Running over linemen and lead blockers is a lot better than getting run over by bulls; Junior is the host of new sports show on versus called Sports Jobs where Seau does different jobs on sports. The show premieres Decmeber 2nd.

Welcome back to the Pats Junior!

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