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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Surprise, Surprise: Brandon McGowan

By: Greg

Going into the year the Brandon McGowan siging was just a ripple when it happened. McGowan was a starter on the Bears a couple years a go but was not that heralded. He was on the border of making the team or not. James Sanders already had hold of the starter safety and was a starter for a few years. Brandon Merriweather is well Brandon Merriweather. Also the Patriots drafted safety Patrick Chung in the 2nd round. With all these things it seemed like McGowan was the 4th safety on the roster. Well that was wrong.

The player out of U. Maine has been quite a surprise this season. He deserves some Man Love. McGowan has been pitted against every teams top Tight End and has done extremely well. He shut down Tony Gonzalez, Kellen Winslow, and other top TEs so far this season. Tight End was always a position that hurt the Pats in the past. He will be a big factor when the Pats play Dallas Clarke, Jeremey Shockey and Owen Daniels coming up.

McGowan has 43 tackles so far on the season. He also has two forced fumbles which seemed to come at big moments in the game. A great surprise for Pats fans this season.

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