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Monday, November 16, 2009

About Last Night

Dear Patriots Fan:

Thank you for coming here for two reasons. Firstly for visiting our humble little blog and secondly for not giving up on the Pats to the point that you cease reading about them. What can we do for you in your time of need? We could stomp around and complain about the bad positioning of the ref who called the fourth and two a bobble when, clearly, the first down was achieved. We could rail against the official who worked the clock by pushing it back to two minutes when we would be unable to challenge the spot because we ran out of timeouts and booth reviews only come in under two minutes. But neither will change the outcome of the loss. And we just backhandedly did mention the follies and the final score didn’t change. See?

Let’s all channel Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting, you’ll be Matt Damon in this example: “It’s not you fault, look at me son, it’s not your fault, it’s not you fault. No, no, no, it’s not your fault...”

If you want to blame Bill Belichick we can’t fault you, but then don’t ever claim his genius to be the reason you love the Pats. Yes, we are drawing the line in the field turf right now: if you want to blame BB then you don’t ever get to revel in his maverick moves that turn out favorably.

Here’s how the last two and change played out for me and possibly you: “Oh the Colts are going to burn a timeout.” “Really? Fourth and two and you go to the two-yard pattern!?!” “The booth will review that.” “Oh no, who’s running the clock?” “Bill really doesn’t trust the D.” “This is why there was no trust in the D.” “Oh, c’mon just let him score! Haven’t you ever played a football video game!” “Looks like the defense is trying to show Belichick that they can stop them.” “I need another beer.” “Great we have teen-seconds.” “Don’t take the ball out of the endzone, save the clock.” “F*&%*$*&*&*(*#@$%*&^%#@!”

Belichick gambled and lost; you have to take the good with the egregious. If you read the “Back Room Predictions” post below then you know that I, too, gambled and covered (and the Over did hit, so yes Virginia, there will be a Santa Claus this year) but because we didn’t win I had to purchase a Colts cap this morning. It was a bad beat where the Colts pulled a flush on the river. But that’s fandom; you invest yourself and then win or lose. Your alarm clock went off the same time it does every Monday (unless last night’s ref’s worked it. Hey yo!). Go about your day and know that the next coin flip is less than a week away when the possibility to win or lose occurs again. Don’t you dare admonish Belichick unless you are prepared to not celebrate his future wins. If you are still not OK please print this out and hand to your loved ones.

Dear Loved One:

Please take my belt and shoe laces away from me. I am sorry, I can't be trusted. I love you and the Patriots dearly and for that reason I suggest you sweep the house as if we just adopted a toddler or a puppy. Please remove all sharp objects or other paraphernalia that I might be able to harm myself, the radio or television when it’s tuned to SportsCenter with. If you do find me curled up in the fetal position and speaking in tongues about Bill Polian or Peyton Manning it’s best to leave me alone. If you can slide my leather-bound Sports Illustrated commemorative edition of one of the past Patriots’ Super Bowls that might help. If all else fails please use this mantra as a last ditch effort to right my ship: “It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault.”




  1. Sure Bill is getting the fan blame. When you are that frustrated, you have to vent your anger on someone or something. Now that there has been time to digest what happened, his gamble failed. That is it. Defense could have done a better job on previous Colt scoring. Maroney could have held on to the ball. The ref could have made a better call than the pass interference. We are just freakin mad that the country hick won this one. He deserved it because he took advantage of one more mistake. When we play them again, we will kick his ass.

  2. In Bill we trust. Still