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Friday, November 13, 2009

Back Room Patriots Prediction Week 10

By Rocky:

Where one bloggler puts his money where his two typing fingers are.

Patriots +2.5 at the Colts O/U 50

Like an Eames chair this match-up has become a modern classic. Manning vs Brady, Belichick vs Manning, pundits screaming at each other over which of those three is the premier performer in the rivalry.

I like the Pats with or without the points because of my heart. My brain thinks that the slight edge goes to Brady and BB vs the Colts’ secondary. Plus the SI cover jinx will offset the magical power of home field advantage, thus the money is on the Pats.

My heart and pride are also on the line here though. If you know me you know that I am always wearing a ball cap and that my rotation includes a few Pats hats (see above). Anyway I placed a wager with an executive in my office who is a Colts fan. If New England wins he’ll wear a Patriots’ colored tie and if the Colts win I’ll walk into work Monday morning donning a Colts cap. Would my penance be more obvious and humiliating? Maybe so, and proof again that I’m terrible at negotiating. Or it could be that the severity of my possible shame offsets the odds we both know to be in our favor? Yes, Vegas opened the line giving the Pats 2.5 points and as you are aware the home team automatically gets 3 points, so we are basically half a point better. That half point is the difference between the Colts remaining undefeated and me wearing a horseshoe hat as an albatross.

Take the Pats and the over—no way Manning doesn’t throw for three but still loses.


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