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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Patriots Preview vs Jets

By: Greg

Another Sunday and another huge game for the Patriots. No more fourth and 2 talk. No more Colts or Peyton talk. Its time for our hated "rival" the Jets. They beat the Pats early in the season and a win for them now would put them back in the picture for division champs. This time around however the Pats come equipped with the Waterbug and a better Brady. The Jets are missing two big pieces in Chris Jenkins and Leon Washington.

Keys to the Game

1. Throwing the kitchen sink at Sanchize: He was anointed the Franchise quarterback after a few games but now defensive coordinators are figuring this guy out. If you pressure him and throw different looks at him, he gets rattled. The Pats wont let him hurt them today.

2. Moss vs Revis: Revis has been saying all week that he covered and can cover Randy Moss one on one and shut him down. He held Randy to 24 yards in the first meeting but this time the Pats have the Waterbug Welker back. More attention goes to the Waterbug today and Randy gets open deep. Randy will be motivated and when he is....look out.

3. Stopping the Blitz: We know Rex Ryan loves to do two things: Biltz and Cry. Hopefully we can stop the Blitzing and help the crying out. Vollmer has been a monster on the end of the line but this week he gets a new test, can he pick up the blitzes. Also the Waterbug will help in dump off passes and quick screens.

Key Players for the Jets

1. B. Edwards- WR- First time around he was not on the squad. He is dangerous if he can actually hold onto the ball.

2. D. Revis_ CB- One of the best CBs in the game.


1. Kevin Faulk: The screen game and draw will be big vs the Jets defense, to slow down the blitzing. Look for BB to utilize Faulk in this area and Kevin will have a big game.

2. Guyton- An undrafted free agent, has been huge this season. Guyton will play a big role in stopping Thomas Jones.


“To become a champion, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will,” - Rex Ryan

“There really are no shutdown corners in the league because they have help most of the game,” Moss said then. “I mean, I probably could be a shutdown corner if I had (Pats safety Brandon) Meriweather over the top the whole game.”

Prediction: Pats 35 Jets 10- Jets are going to get BLOWN OUT. The Pats are mad. The Jets are hurt. Moss is motivated.

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