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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pats Preview vs Colts

By: Greg
The biggest game the Patriots have played in over a year. The Colts lead the conference and are undefeated. If the Colts win they pretty much locked up homefield advantage over the Patriots. If the Pats win they hold the upper hand of head to head matchup (Number one tie breaker) in the Conference. This is a big big game. I can feel it in the air tonight......

Keys to the Game:

1. Stopping Dallas Clark: Clark is on his way to having the best year of any TE any year. He is Mannings safety blanket and is a key in that passing game. Well Colts we have your kryponite (sp) his name is Brandon McGowan. I love McGowan and McGowan loves covering TE's. Every TE that he has gone against has failed. McGowan will be on Clark today for his biggest challenge of the season.

2. Taking advantage of the young Colts CBs: I feel like I say this every week. Take advantage of young DBs. The colts have major injuries of Marlin Jackson and Bob Sanders. The Pats should not even think about running the ball. Pass the ball 800 times and torch those young DBs.

3. Put Manning on his butt: Peyton has a knack for avoiding the sack. If the Pats can get to him with thier front four it will be a key in the game, to get Peyton off his rhythm.

Key Players:

1. Reggie Wayne: One of the best players in the NFL . Im sure BB will give Wayne a varied look of who is covering him. The Pats dont have a shut down corner and that could hurt against Wayne.

2. Dwight Freeney: Going against Vollmer, Vollmer has been impressive lets see if he can contain Freeney.

MVPs of the Game

1. Wes Welker: Who is going to stop the Waterbug in the slot. I see the Waterbug going for a ton of yards. Rookies wont be able to slow down Welker plus there will be extra safety help for Moss so it opens it up for the Waterbug.

2. Jerod Mayo: Perfect game for Mayo, playing sideline to sideline. Mayo will have his hands full with Addai, Brown and Clark.

Prediction: Pats 28 Colts 25: This one will be a barn burner. The Pats will get to the young secondary and hardly run the ball. HERE WE GOOOOOOO! Im pumped!

1 comment:

  1. In retrospect, a nice breakdown (from a Colts fan). I think a key mis-step by BB was not the 4th and 2 call, but the use of all timeouts, negating a challenge. Hopefully we will fare better against the Ravens this weekend than the Pats did, but I am more concerned about the Chargers if we win. Their big TE's and WR's have given our DB's fits the past two playoffs.