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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pats Preview vs Dolphins

By: Greg

A big division game for the Pats against that wacky wildcat. Win this one and the Pats will have a strong hold on the division, lose and it spells trouble for the Pats at the top because the Phins have not lost in the AFC East.


1. Containing the Wildcat: The wildcat was born in Gillette. The second meeting however the Pats held the wildcat to under 40 yards. Will the Phins add something to that wildcat? YES. Will the Pats stop that something? We Will see. Pat White might be that guy who is the added something.

2. Torching the young CBs on the Phins: The Dolphins are young in the tooth at Corner and the Pats can and will take advantage of that. Look for Randy to have a big game along with Brady. If the Phins cant contain the Pats air attack it will be a long day.

3. Rattling Chad Henne: Get to Henne early with the blitz and he will be crapping his pants the rest of the game. If you let him sit and relax he will get comfortable and could be dangerous with his strong arm.

4. Containing Tedd Ginn on Special Teams: Ginn does nothing on offense. On special teams its a different story. Ginn returned 2 TDs last week to win the game for Miami. The Pats put extra work in on the Special teams to make sure that does not happen to them.

Players to watch:

1. Ronnie Brown: Guy is a beast. He will pass, run and catch. Hes the cat in the wildcat. Contain him and win, dont and loss.

2.Jason Taylor: Could have been a Pat. Now hes playing for the Phins. Still a good player, still can get at the Quarterback


1. Randy Randy Randy Moss: Moss will burn the young DBs of Miami. They have not seen a duo of Welkers/Moss' caliber. Randy will go deep numerous times and score a few times for the Pats in a win.

2. Vince Wilfork: In order to stop the Wildcat, Vince need to be on his game. If he can disrupt the middle of the offense Ronnie Brown and Pat White will have trouble.


Pats Stop the Wildcat and air it out in the Passing game. Pats win but dont cover.

Pats 27 Dolphins 20

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