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Friday, December 4, 2009

Back Room Patriots Prediction Week 13

Where one bloggler puts his two typing fingers where his money is while the other is too busy watching MTV's "Jersey Shore," seriously JR?

Patriots -6.5 at Dolphins O/U 47

By Rocky

The line opened at 6.5 and shimmied down to even 3.5 at a few bookmakers. Why? Well, the Pats haven't proven that they can win on the road and maybe Vegas thinks that the Saints exposed a few chinks in the Pats' armor. Chad Henne is no Drew Brees and Ted Ginn Jr. is no Marques Colston+Devery Henderson+Robert Meachem. Sure, Miami can run the ball (they are ranked 3rd in the League) but that's not going to be enough. The Pats aren't sure what went wrong against the Saints and like a dumped guy who didn't see it coming they are looking for answers and their identity. And this Sunday they will be on the rebound and using anyone (Stanback, Green-Ellis, Edelman?) to score. Brady and Welker looked pissed last week and Moss looked indifferent; I see them all focused this weekend and ready to f-...err...squish the fish. I just don't get Sin City's lines sometimes. I liked the line at 6.5 and I love it at 3.5.

Blauhg Prediction: Pats minus-whatever points you can get and the Under.


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