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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Back Room Patriots Prediction Week 15

Where only one bloggler puts his two typing fingers where his money is because we think a bookie got to J.R.

Patriots at Bills +7, O/U 41

By Rocky

Oh, we'll win. We have to. Seriously if we blow this one it isn't just one of those "they don't deserve to go to the postseason" loses, it will be a "mathematically the Dolphins can take us out of the postseason." How did we get from the odds-on favorite to win the Super Bowl in September to we might not be in control of our own destiny before Christmas? We played 14 games, that's how.

On paper the Pats looked invincible headed into the season, but as you've heard before, they don't play football on paper; they play it on the gridiron. And in my hazy recollection of Week 1 (I watched at Hooters, so I was mildly distracted) we looked far superior to the Bills on my computer screen's depth charts but not so much on the TV screen showing the game.

Now we go back to Orchard Park toward the end of the season again, and while winds will only be at 13 mph (as opposed to last's years galestorm), the mercury will be below freezing at the kick. We'll be pounding the ball again and hoping to stop Freddie Jackson. It will be a three-yards-in-a-cloud-of-frost game.

On paper Brady is far superior to Fitzpatrick, Randy Moss (when he isn't running the greatest fake of all time–see below) is more solid than T.O. and Vince Wilfork, if the foot is good to go, wins the pushing match against the interior linemen of Buffalo, single-handedly. But the game will be played on the turf in New York State.

Blauhg Decision: Take the Pats giving the 7 (they need a convincing win to convince themselves that they are in fact winners) and pound the Under (it will be too damn inclimate for a deep aerial attack).


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