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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best Christmas Present of 2009: Patriots Fox Robot

By Rocky,

A friend of mine, who has a friend who works at Fox, procured a few Bears Fox 'Bots (Cleatus) for Christmas and I've been looking everywhere since. Finally the Internet found them. And while other blogs may do that rote saw of "All Patriots Fans Want For Christmas is a shutdown corner, etc" posting, here's something that is actually feasible.

So your kid asked for a Air Hogs Havoc Helicopter? First of all he has no idea that the Pats Fox Bot exists or he would have e-mailed Santa about it. Secondly–and I hope you kept the receipt–the Air Hogs helicopters are more disappointing than our drafting of Maroney in the first round. I have sickeningly high ceilings and Chris Hanson's punts stay in the air longer than the $40 piece of styrofoam shaped like an Apache.

Heck, even if you don't have a kid this would look pretty boss on you desk at work. When you co-workers see it prominently displayed next to your framed picture of Bill Belichick they will think of you as a diligent, dynamic and classy asset to the company. They will also know that you appreciate Robots that run in place.



  1. Check it out! Fox Bot is playing a gee-tar!

  2. Fox Bot is as annoying as the Paper Clip Guy from Microsoft Word. "It looks like you are writing a form letter...