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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cocktail Napkin Comments: Saints

--Your 2009 New Orleans Saints.

By Rocky

Things I scribbled on my cocktail napkins during last night’s game:

We brought a potato gun to an air raid.

It’s our fault that the Over didn’t hit.

Me @ 8:32 PM: “Is that a Mike McKenzie sighting? Ha, ha, he’s still in the league?”

The same old bunch of Maroney: he looks stellar then turns into himself.

Welker looks legit wicked pissed for most of the second half.

" ." that was where I wrote defense, but it didn’t show up here either.

Not even Wilfork-and-Knife has much of a presence.

We can’t say that we didn’t have a chance to block a perfect season–twice.

Who Dat? Dat’s Darnell Dinkin, a third string tight end, catching his first pass of the season for a tuddy. Sounds familiar…

Oh, we still probably take the AFC East.

Now what do we think of the Seymour dealing? Maybe this isn’t our year (though Vegas sure thought so) and we have a top-5 pick for next season.


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