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Monday, December 21, 2009

Cocktail Napkin Notes

By: Greg
I tried a new thing this week. I scribbled down notes/thoughts about the game as it went on, on a cocktail/buffalo wing napkin. The hardest part= trying to decipher my drunken handwriting.
Game was huge for the Pats: A division win, A conference win, A win on the road, A win without their two best defensive players, A win from behind, A win for the defense, A win for Randy. Now onto the notes:

Wright is a beast, he has been handling his opponent and getting to the ball carrier/quarterback all day. Really solid player stepping it up huge in to fill the void of Wilfork and Warren.

  • Junior is getting more and more playing time. Especially against a running team Junior should be out there.

  • Do all our offensive drives stall on the 35-40 yard line (written in 1st half). It seems like the last few weeks all thier drives get down to the 35-40 yard line and its fourth and medium and the Pats must make a decision

  • Jerrod Mayo looks bad. Mayo has been getting blocked and taken off the ball. I dont knwo if its his injury or just a bad second year.

  • Richie Igcognito looks like Buzz from Home Alone. This is what my GF who puts up with me during Pats games when Richies picture came onto the screen, I agree. "Buzz Im going through all your private stuff, you better come out and pound me"- Great Movie

  • Burgess is stepping it up big time. Big sack and big 3rd down tackle from behind in the 3rd quater. If he can keep this up, the Pats can have a legitimate pass rush.

  • DID YOU SEE EDELMENS BLOCK!: This is a call I got from my buddy 77, I did not see the block at first but thank god for DVR. Edelmen laid the smack down on some CB on Randys catch in the 2nd quater.

  • Maroney is running hard-This is what we like to see from Maroney, he ran hard and with a purpose. If he keeps this up, he can be a stud RB.

  • With the being said, lets keep running the ball- The Pats need to run the ball more, they try to get cute by passing too much. Run the ball, control the clock.

  • I like the defense roaming on 3rd down- It seemed to work every time and is a new wrinkle that can mess up QBs. Pressure came easier this way. I would like to see this.

  • Tully Banta Cain came up huge- Another player who stepped it up was Tully. Big Sacks, Big rush, Big time game when the Pats needed him.

  • JETS LOSE, DOLPHINS LOSE!- All the Pats need to do is win 1 or Jets and Dolphins lose 1 and they clinch the division


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