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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gameballs: vs Jag-U-ars

By: Greg

The Patriots sure do have the Los Angeles Jaguars number of late and it was the same thing on Sunday. The Patriots easily cruised to a victory over the hapless Jags. The running game looked good, Brady found Moss again, Welker ate up catches, the safeties played above their heads, the defense stoped both the pass and the run. Overall cant ask for anything more. And the gameballs go to......

Offense: The Offensive Line- The big guys up front dominated the Jag-U-ars. They averaged 5.5 yards per rush and totaled 197 yards on the ground. It seemed like the Pats running backs had huge holes all day. Even better was that Gisele does not have to do any extra laundy this week, Tom Brady's behind was clean, he was not sacked a single time. The offensive line is clicking now. With both Light and Vollmer on the book ends they should dominate most defensive lines.

Defense: Brandon Merriweather- The two big plays in the first half by the defense were made by Brandon Merriweather: A HUGE STOP on 3rd and One, when it looked like Mike Thomas was going to get the first down easily but Brandon came out of nowhere putting a huge hit on Thomas to get the momentum after Maroneys fumble. The second big play came when Brandon Merriweather did his best Jacoby Ellsbury impersonation, patrolling center field, grabbing a pick and bringing it back 56 yards. The Pats then went up 14-0 and cruised the rest of the way. Brandon is starting to play like a top safety in the league.

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