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Monday, December 14, 2009

Gameballs vs Panthers

By; Greg
An ugly win. But a win is a win. The defense actually looked pretty solid but the offense was out of sync. Too many times the Pats take it down the field only to have 3rd and short and get nothing then have to punt or go for it on 4th. Pats still need to get heat on the QB, Matt Moore had all day to throw early in the game. The running game looked solid and should be more featured in upcoming games. All in all an ugly win and here are the Blaugh's gameballs:

Offensive: Stephen Gostkowski
In the fourth quarter with less than 8 minutes to go the Pats had two huge drives which stalled, calling on the foot of Stephen Gostkowski. Gost asked BB "Can I kick it"...BB said "YES YOU CAN"

The two FGs were no gimmies. First one was a 48 yarder which put the Pats up by 7 and giving them a little breathing room. The next one was a 47 yarder which gave the Pats a 10 point lead and sealed the victory. Two huge FGs when the Pats needed it the most.

Defensive Gameball: Ty Warren

Seems like every time I gave a Jersey Shore Fist Pump

when the defense was on the field, it was Ty Warren who was making a big play. Ty had 6 tackles on the day and all of them were in key moments or big hits. He had hand in holding the two stud RBs of the Panthers to under 110 yards on the day.

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