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Saturday, December 5, 2009

How big is this game???

By: Greg
The Patriots travel to Miami to take on Ricky Williams and the Phins. You ask how big is this game? Well it is a HUGE HUGE GAME.

1. First off the Pats are coming off a loss and must bounce back and get a victory. Back to back losses are not something the Patriots do with BB and if they do this week it could be a big set back for the team.

2. It is a division game. Win and the Pats are up two games with not many remaining. Lose and the Jets and Phins stand only one game back and the division is up for grabs.

3. On the Road. The Pats are 0 and four on the road so they need a win to gain confidence and prove they can travel and win. Another loss on the road could spell dooom.

4. Brady in Miami. Tom Brady has trouble in Miami. He is 3-4 in Miami for his career.

5. Tie Breaker for the second/third seed. Both the Chargers and the Bengals will win easy this weekend, so the Pats need to keep pace by winning. Also there are numerous things the Phins game does for the Pats in terms of tie breakers. Two of the top tiebreakers are conference record and common opponents. Well this is a conference game and both the chargers and the Bunglas have played the Phins.

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