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Friday, December 11, 2009


By: Greg
Four players were sent home on Wednesday for being late to an early morning team meeting, one of them being Adalius Thomas, whom seems like he hasnt been showing up for games at all never mind late. Adalius was not happy with his punishment and sounded off on it on Thursday:

Ok Thomas, look BB is the boss. If you are late go home. If the boss tells you to do something do it. You have been playing like shit since getting here, getting a free pay day. Keep your mouth shut and do something on the field. If you feel like BB is handling the situation wrong, talk to him, not the media.
Thomas has been a big big bust. He hasnt done anything with the Patriots. Maybe Ray Lewis was right, this guy does not fit in systematically. Fast Forward to 1:23

Ray Lewis Responds To Adalius Thomas - Watch more Funny Videos

1 comment:

  1. When a blow hard like Ray Lewis is right, you know there are problems. At least Ray puts his money where his mouth is and performs for his team. Sadly, Adalius has not.