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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Step it up: Pass Rush

By; Greg

When a guy like Chad Henne (and Marinara sauce) can stand in the pocket, recite the pledge of allegiance, do his taxes and then find the open man, it spells doom for the Pats young secondary. Whose fault is this? Well it all falls on the pass rush. The guys whom are the highest paid on the team: Adalius Thomas, Derrick Burgesss, Jarvais Green, Ty Warren and Tully Banta Cain. Tully is off the hook, hes been playing above his head and seems like the only guy on the Pats who touches the quarterback throughout the game.

For all you others on that list.....YOU NEED TO STEP IT UP!

The Pats have a young defensive backfield who cant cover a wideout for 5 seconds never mind 15 seconds. Give us some damn pressure on the quarterback please. Make the QB make a decision. With out a pass rush the Pats wont get out of the first round. Guys like Petyon, Rivers, Palmer will chew this defense up and spit it out if they can read the newspaper in the pocket and then throw the ball.

The Pats have two QBs coming up that they should handle easily in Matt Moore and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Sounds like two guys I met at the bar last weekend but no they are NFL quarterbacks. So if this Pass Rush can not get to these two and make them make mistakes, we have a problem and a big one. So this goes out to you pass rush, STEP IT UP! or the Pats season is done......


  1. No way this is the pass rushers fault. Sorry i just don't see it that way. The 2ndary needs to man up. Just callin them as I seem em'. Willhite, springs give me a fuckin break, they couldn't stick a magnet to a firdge, zero man to man coverage. About me, 5'10" loves to drink BL's and watch boston sports. Opinon: Biased, got a prob;em with that? Tough. I also love drakkar and scored 1180 on his SAT's + went to a public school, not some private catholic boys school. oops

  2. look the secondary isnt helping either but the pass rush isnt there. No CB in the league can defend that long. By the way the secondary is young while the defensive line is the highest paid and "experienced".

  3. THREE, count them THREE Teams (texans, cheifs, and Jags) have less sacks than the Patriots. Still think its not the pass rush fault? A playoff team should not be in the bottom four of sacks. Just like Sheed says "ball dont lie" well stats dont lie, Patriots pass rush SUCKS