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Friday, July 31, 2009

Vick still a possibilty for the Pats

By: Greg
Almost every expert says that the Pats would be a perfect landing spot for Mike Vick. The Pats have the vertern leadership/lockerroom, they have a permanent starting QB and a no nonsense coach. While many teams are saying no, no, no to the dog fighter, B.B. would not go that far:

"Have we ruled it out? I don't know that it's ruled in or ruled out. I'm not not answering your question. I'm saying I don't think it's ever been put that way, so I can't really answer that."

"You know I think we would consider..." said Belichick, before seemingly reversing field. "We're coaching the players that we have on the field right now, so that's who is here. So, anybody who isn't here is there potential that they could be here? Yeah, there probably is. But right now they're not.
"We're coaching the 80 players that are here, so until we get somebody else we're coaching them. When we get somebody else in here, which I'm sure at some point we will, then we'll coach them and the players that are here. Who that's going to be? Right now, it's the 80 players who are here. That's all I can tell you."
"I'm coaching the players that are here that are on this team. That's what we do. I'm not coaching anybody else. I'm sure at some point somebody else will be here. I don't know who that is going to be. If I knew, they'd already be here." - Globe

This sounds like the BB and the Pats have had serious conversations about Vick and seems like they ARE interested in him. All along I was thinking that the Pats would not go after Vick and it was all just media speculating but with BBs comments I think that the Pats are serious contenders for Vick. Is that good news or bad news, you tell me.......

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

News and Notes

By Greg

  • Its finally camp has started today for the 2010 SuperBowl champs.

  • The following players were not spotted for the first Patriots training camp practice this morning:
    WR Randy Moss
    WR Joey Galloway
    CB Shawn Springs
    DL Jarvis Green
    OLB Shawn Crable (PUP)
    DL Ty Warren (PUP)
    DL Darryl Richard (PUP)
    OT Mark LeVoir (PUP)
    OL Rich Ohrnberger (PUP)
    LB Tyrone McKenzie (unsigned)
    WR Brandon Tate (Non-football injury list)

  • The Pats have signed Hawaii long snapper Jake Ingram. Look for him to be the long snapper for the Pats for years to come.

  • They have also signed Pat Chung to a four year deal

  • Shawn Crable will start training camp on the PUP list

  • Willie Mac still wants to come back- “There is a possibility,” McGinest said. “I’ve talked to (coach Bill) Belichick a few times. I’m not excited just to jump into camp, but we’ll see what happens.”

  • The Pats are tied to Mike Vick again.....(Pats Chowder)

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Blaugh Staff's Division Prediction

Here at the Blaugh we decieded to make predictions on the No Fun Leauge for what is worth. It may even help your Football Betting. We will bring you a different division each week. The first division the NFC Weak:
The NFC West has perennially been the conference in which the three bad teams bolster the one solid team's record. Think Cardinals last year, Seattle in XL, the Greatest Show on Turf around the turn of the Millennium and the 49ers in the 90's. This year the Cards will once again get the playoff berth thanks to just showing up for the coin flip against the rest of the chaff. I look for them to win the division and any bogus article about which team has the best receiving core.

Bay Club. Frank Gore will again carry the team on his back and Michael Crabtree might be a star, if someone, anyone can get him the ball. They barely edge out Seattle due to the tie-breaker of me personally liking Mike Singletary over the I Am the Walrus in...

Sea-tittle. Hate em. TJ Houshmandzadeh and Aaron Curry sound like great front office moves, but then again so did Julius Jones and Deon Branch. If they actually filled their needs on defense with a few no-namers rather than tossing money at jersey-sales-type-players I'd respect them more. Actually if they went back to their old silver hats that would even help.

Team Ramrods. A no-show this year. Super glad they dumped some elder veterans who weren't earning their pay but they are only poised to have a decent 2010 season. They'll lose six very close ones but in total they'll drop 12. Chicken fucker.


First place-SF Drawer Droppers-This time Mike drops his drawers in the wildcard round of the playoffs. Willis leads an improved defensive unit and on the other side of the ball, Crabtree will fill the void left by T.O. departure several years ago.

Second place-Cards-Second place in a crummy division. Sophomore hangover takes hold towards the end of the year. Warner gets hurt and they have to call Leinart away from the hot tub (and I don't mean the one in the training room). Beanie Wells will fall flat on his face, much like all running backs from the Big 11 (a la Curtis Enis, Kijana Carter)

Second loser-Seaside Hawks-Lets face it Matt Baldbeck is over the hill. Nice to see them take Curry in the draft but they needed more help on the other side of the ball.

Biggest loser-Rambos-This team really doesn't have much going here. Stephen Jackson really wont have chance of starting past week 10 the way the offensive line play is.

G Rak (Greg):

Arizona Hallmarks-takes the division because of the explosiveness of Fitzgerald, Boldin and Warner. Along with the addition of Beanie Wells to the backfield who should start right away. Also Brenda Warner has grown out her hair which equals Division championships.

SuperSonics- TJ Who is your mamma will help out a healthy Hasselbeck big time and the Super Sonics have one of the best home field advantages in the league but soon they will be moving to Oklahoma City.

The Mike Singeltaries Many people have had this team as a sleeper for the last few years but with Shaun Hill at QB I dont see them getting over the hump. With Shaun at the helm they cant win the division or make the play offs " CANT DO IT, WONT DO IT" Coach Singeltary. Plus Mikes new strategy is hes going with 10 players on the field instead on 11.

St. Louis Lambs- Theyll go better than 2-14 but not much better. Drafted well but with the loss of Tory Holt they have no options at WR and teams will stack the box vs Jackson. To replace Holt, the Rams can go after St. Louie Native Nelly who dazzels in celebrity softball, basketball and football games.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Patriots Playback: Cooking with Bill: BBPBJ

By: Greg
In todays Patriots Playback we bring you cooking with Bill Belichick. In this Video
  • Bill in his classic sweat shirt but with no hoodie.
  • Raisin Bread
  • Classic Bill

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rookie Signings

By: Greg

Over the past week the Patriots have been hard at work signing the guys who will soon be taped to goal posts or signing thier fight song at dinner in front of the whole team.
Here is a snapshot of the contracts of the 9 rooks signed:
George Bussey- OL- Louisville- Four Year Deal
Ron Brace- DT- BC- four-year deal with the club with roughly $2.82 million in guarantees.
"Ron's very excited to get his deal done with the Patriots," said Haber. "It's a dream come true for him. We have a lot of respect for their organization, and we look forward to watching Ron develop in New England."
Julian Edelman- Athlete- Kent State- four-year deal with a $48,700 signing bonus
Brandon Tate- WR - UNC- four years with a $755,000 signing bonus- Will start the year on IR
Sebastian Vollmer- OL- Houston- unknown deal
"It's exciting to get the deal done," said Roth. "Working with Floyd Reese and Richard Miller those guys are good and very fair, and we were able to get a deal done. We're pleased and Sebastian is excited to get to work."
Darrel Richard- DL- G Tech signed four year deal
Darius Butler- CB- UConn- Four Year- 440,000 roster bonus
Reported on Twitter
Rich Orenberger- OL- Penn State- unknown deal
The only remaining picks who haven't signed or come to terms are the team's top overall pick, safety Patrick Chung, third-round pick linebacker Tyrone McKenzie and sixth-round pick long-snapper Jake Ingram.
McKenzie is already out for the season getting hurt in OTAs. Chung will get the highest deal out of any of the rookies because he was the highest pick. He also will most likely be the biggest contributor to the Pats.
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Patriots Pennant from Shea on Auction Block


The other day when I had very little to do at work (like most days at work I'm probably not working!), I was surfing the interweb. At my favorite baseball team's site I ran across a Patriots item they had up for auction. The mighty Shea was torn down (yes Sox fans, this was the place that Buckner....) and they had banners from all the AFL teams that they put on the block. Looks like as of press time the Pats banner is up to $170.00 with about a day to go. Not a bad item to hang next to your heartthrob poster of Tom Brady.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Patriots Playback: New Matt Light Commercial

By: Greg

In the latest version of Patriots Playback we bring you acting star Matt Light. Matt Light has been in numerous commercials local and national. It seems odd that an Offensive Linemen has that much marketabilty but I guess he is doing something right.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

People Hate the Patriots

By Rocky

Of course they do. We got Kraft. We got Belichick. We got Brady. We are the equivalent--to steal an analogy from a friend--of the guy driving around in a convertable while chomping on an expensive cigar with a knock-out blonde in the passenger seat. If you aren't that guy then you hate him. Change the cigar to a bottle of Stetson and you have Brady.

ESPN's SportsNation polled the country about which NFL team they love to hate and 34% answered the Patriots. "Only the Cowboys are more despised than the Patriots. SportsNation singled out five teams fans loved to hate. The Cowboys drew 36 percent of the vote, followed by the Patriots (34 percent), Steelers (12 percent), Giants (9 percent) and Raiders (9 percent)."

eSpN did skew the results by only allowing America to pick from five teams. Still nobody hates losers besides the obnoxious Raiders. We didn't need a poll to know that people are jealous of us. They could have easily asked, "Which NFL team do you wish played in your hometown?" and the 9% that Oakland soaked up would have transferred to us. If you listened to five minutes of sports talk radio in the last five years you already know that we went from being the Patsies to the Dynasty and that America's Team is a nickname that should be voted on regularly. In 1992 People named Nick Nolte their "Sexiest Man Alive" he doesn't introduce himself as such today, so drop it Cowboys. Speaking of People, America's Team and blondes.

How about that aforementioned poll, ESPN? We'd do it here but it would be unanimous save the few Jets fans who wander over and e-mail us about Mark Sanchez. Who, well, is following the Brady model in one way--you better hope he's good at his Sunday job and then people will start hating you for a good reason.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

A new F.O.B. - Pats Chodwa

We here at New England Patriots Blog aka the Blaugh have a new F.O.B. (Friend of the Blog) they are Patriots Chowder at So if you like the Patriots and you like Chowder (ok you dont have to like chowder but it helps) check this site out.

They have a new post about the Top 10 Pats moments up that is a pretty damn good read.

Money for the Poor, old man who owes Tom Brady

By Greg
We have all seen them, beggars, who try to pry any money they can out of you. Some are rude, some are kind, some are creative, most stink but none are like Dennis Pavia. Dennis is not begging for money for drinks, drugs or food but rather to pay back a man who makes over 30 million a year, Tom Brady.

Dennis is an ex-con or maybe just a regular old con who was caught stealing flower boxes worth over 8,000 dollars each from Mr. Brady.

Heres Dennis side of the story

I would go out the night before the trash got picked up and see what people put out. If there was anything good, I would take it and sell it,” he explained.
Of course, as Paiva explains it, he always found better stuff in the ritzier neighborhoods, so one night last fall he found himself in an alley in the Back Bay checking the discards.
“I saw these two stainless steel metal containers behind a garage next to the trash,” Paiva said. “Scrap metal was really high at the time so I grabbed them and put them in my truck.”
Paiva took the planters to a scrapyard in Everett, collected $450 and was feeling pretty good about life. Right up until he got a call from a Boston police detective.
“The guy mentions I took some flower pots,” Paiva recalled. “I said,‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ He said, ‘We got you on the security camera.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I took them, but they were out with the trash.’ He said, ‘You gotta get them back. You don’t even want to know who they belong to!’ ”
Well, when Paiva heard who owned his “scrap metal,” he rushed back to the yard but, of course, the planters were history. He went back to police and told them the sad tale and was promptly cited for larceny.
“I said, ‘You’re kidding me, they were in the trash!’ ” Paiva said. “The police talked to the people in the building and they said that deliverymen had left the planters in the back because there was no one home. Everyone agreed it was a mistake.”“I have no balance, my vision is blurred,” he said. “I can’t work and I’m supposed to pay $333.33 a month to Brady.”- Globe

I guess you got to feel for this guy. Who knows what the real story is. Obviously Brady does not need the money or the flower pots.
Dennis said he has no idea if Brady knows about his plight, but thinks the QB might cut him a break if he did.
Lets hope that this is the only thing that gets stolen from Brady this season. Although if I had my way I would not mind stealing that wife away from him.......

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Patriots Playback: Darius Butler Draft Party

Patriots Playback CB Darius Butler Draft Party

Say Yes, Seau....Junior hints at a return

By: Greg

If it comes down to it late in the season Junior Seau says he might like to return to the Patriots. Seau came back late last season to help out a depleted defense. He started the final two games at ILB for the Pats and recorded 29 tackles during his short stint. Junior has hinted at the same thing this season.

"I’ll definitely look at it at the end of October or November. Let’s put it that way.”

Junior could provide injury insurance if one or a few LBs go down this season just like what happened the last few seasons. As we saw last season Junior can still play. I like the idea of have an emergency player like Junior to come on late in the season if the Pats need the help.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Coach Bruschi

By: Greg

As fan favorite Tedy Bruschi comes to the end of his career he is starting to think about plans for after the game. At a clinic he hosted for local youth he expressed those plans:

“I know I can coach,’’ said Bruschi. “I know the game. I’ve been in it so long. It’s just going to be a matter of what I do when I’m done. It’s a passion of mine. I know I love football. I know I want to be in it. Let’s just see what I’ll be doing.’’

He is coaching at his clinic, and BB has rubbed off on him

“I’ve mapped out the field, where the stations will be, how the guys will teach their fundamentals. It’s a little Belichickian because I’ve been trying to keep it organized.’’

Right now Bruschi is a coach on the field, and is mentoring the younger LBs. I could 100 percent see Tedy Bruschi being a great coach. A Pepper Johnson kind of guy and eventually down the line being a head coach a la former middle linebacker Mike Singletary with out the rants.

When his road ends as a linebacker in this league I hope that Tedy B. follows B.B. and becomes a Patriot coach. A Patriot for life.