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Friday, October 30, 2009

5 UFLers Who (we suppose) Could Play WR for the Pats

By Rocky:

Let’s hope the Pats get healthy during the bye week because we are tight at wide receiver. While some reports around the trade deadline alleged that the Patriots were making frantic calls looking for more wide outs, those yielded no acquisitions. We here at the Blauhg are still hoping for more help. Since the brandie new UFL is supposed to be a developmental/rehabilitation/feeder league for the the NFL let’s take a look at the five guys who might be able to provide a few catches for the Patriots.

Now don’t call us crazy, we aren’t thinking we’ll find a Moss or Welker in the discard pile, to that point we weren’t even looking at those style of receivers. What we are in search of is a player who can step in for a few plays a game and deliver–just help plug the dike for the short term, possibly:

1. Taye Biddle, Florida Tuskers, averages 20 YPC.

Despite being shot in his hand and leg in January he’s the UFL’s leading receiver. Oh and the crazy thing is that he was they guy the Giants signed to replace Plaxico Burress when Plax shot himself.

2. Craphonso Thorpe, New York Sentinels, Over 200 receiving yards in three games.

Grabbed multiple balls in tight games in for the 2007 Colts. Has terrible name.

3. Sonny Shackelford, California Redwoods, 11 catches for 100 yards.

Caught passes from Isaiah Stanbeck at the U of W. Has awesome name!

4. Keary Colbert, Florida Tuskers, just signed on let’s see if got his juice back.

See also: Koren Robinson, New York Sentinels, 9th pick overall in 2001 NFL draft, real spotty off the field.

5. Tab Perry, Las Vegas Locomotives, averages 26 yards per kick return

His health has burned him in the past, once with the Bengals and once with the Dolphins. We aren't in dire need of a long-term position player so if he can stay off the trainer's table he could be our guy.

--But probably not Ryan Hoag.

--Or a bizzaro version of the heart of our Super Bowl teams.


Mahk's Lock of the OFF Week

By J.R.

Bears - 13

After getting the stuffing knocked out of them last week, there is no better team to rebound against than the Browns. The Browns can't do diddly poo on offensive and diddly poo on defense. Eric Mang-idiot looks like a deer in the headlights or Macaulay Culkin circa 1990 wandering the Cleveland sidelines. Cutler and company will crush the hapless Browns.

Bears 37-Browns 3

Doug Heffernan's body double?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Surprise, Surprise: Brandon McGowan

By: Greg

Going into the year the Brandon McGowan siging was just a ripple when it happened. McGowan was a starter on the Bears a couple years a go but was not that heralded. He was on the border of making the team or not. James Sanders already had hold of the starter safety and was a starter for a few years. Brandon Merriweather is well Brandon Merriweather. Also the Patriots drafted safety Patrick Chung in the 2nd round. With all these things it seemed like McGowan was the 4th safety on the roster. Well that was wrong.

The player out of U. Maine has been quite a surprise this season. He deserves some Man Love. McGowan has been pitted against every teams top Tight End and has done extremely well. He shut down Tony Gonzalez, Kellen Winslow, and other top TEs so far this season. Tight End was always a position that hurt the Pats in the past. He will be a big factor when the Pats play Dallas Clarke, Jeremey Shockey and Owen Daniels coming up.

McGowan has 43 tackles so far on the season. He also has two forced fumbles which seemed to come at big moments in the game. A great surprise for Pats fans this season.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Gameballs vs Buccs

By: Greg

Easy win. Easy gameballs. The Pats won 35-7 vs a lowly Buccaneers team and it could have been worse. There still were some mistakes made by the offense and defense but overall a quality win. The ground game was shaky and Brady threw two ill advised picks.

Gameball Offense: Wes Welker

The Waterbug had 10 catches for 107 yards and a TD. His first half TD gave the Pats a 14-0 cushion and they never looked back. Welker also returned four punts for a 13 yard average. I wish he wasnt the punt returner because every time he gets the ball I m scared hell get his head taken off. Cheerio to you Waterbug on a game well played!

Gameball Defense: Brandon Merriweather

I thought the defense would score in my prediction and Brandon help that prediction come true right away. Brandon had a 39 yard pick for 6 in the early first quarter, reading the QB's eyes. He then had another pick on the next drive. Merriweather is starting to become a star. Every week we hear his name over and over again.Hes becoming great.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cheerio! Pats Preview vs Buccs

By: Greg

Cheerio! Good Day! It certainly will be a good day for the Pats and Pats fans today. The Pats play a lowly Buccaneers team in London and look to go full speed a head into their bye week.

Where are your Buccaneers? Answer- Under your buccin hat. (Thanks Dad)

Honestly today will be the easiest game of the year for the Patriots as long as they stay focused. Will London and the soccer hooligans distract the Pats today? Did they do too much sight seeing? Will they take the Buccaneers too light? With BB, I dont think so.

Keys to the Game:
1. Establishing a third WR.

Galloway was cut. Edeltheman broke his arm. The Pats have two WRs and are looking for a third. Will it be Sam Aiken, the special teams star? Will it be Brandon Tate, a star in college before he went down with a big injury and was on the PUP list? Will it be Terrence Nunn a young player out of Nebraska who showed flashes in the preseason. Whoever it is needs to click with Brady the way Galloway didn't.

2. Getting the English men on our side

The fans sure will be cheering for all the kickers and punters (guys who kick the ball). But the key for the Pats is to get the fans to cheer for our defense and offense. Maybe BB will bring some tea and crumpets instead of beer and pretzels for the tailgaters.

3. Keep Maroney running straight aheed

Nows Maroneys time to shine. Morris and Taylor are out for the game. Maroney had one hell of a game last week. But will he keep it up? Im sure if he doesnt the Law Firm will come in and replace him. Today is the day for Maroney to show last week wasnt a fluke.

Players to watch on the Buccs

1. Antionio Bryant- A stud WR with no one to get him the ball. Hes only got 14 grabs on the year but is a deep threat anytime he runs a route.

2. Ronde Barber- The Buccs let everyone else go except for Barber. He can still get at it and will most likely be playing Moss. Aquib Talib is the other guy, which give the Buccs a solid one-two punch on the corner.

MVPs of the Game


The Law Firm will get his chance to play with Morris and Taylor out. The Law Firm runs and runs hard. Look for 90 yards and a TD.

2. Mike Wright

Mike will be right today. He has been solid all year and he will get plenty of play today in London. Mike will have two sacks today.

Prediction: Pats 34 Buccs- 10- The Pats take it to the lowly Buccs. Buccs have nothing on offense. The Pats will be all over young Josh Johnson. The Defense will score. Tea and Crumpets for everyone!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Back Room Patriots Prediction Week 7

Where two blogglers puts their money where their two typing fingers are.

Patriots -14 Bucs, O/U 43.5


Why the Pats:

-Despite our nickname deriving from that time we kicked England's arse and the game being at Wembley Stadium we'll have the homefield advantage.

-The Pats have thrown 102 passes on 1st down this season and have been sacked just once.

-We looked pretty good last week.

-I had to look up the name of the Buccaneers head coach.

-Other than a dodgy headline the Bucs Bleacher Report columnist has a poll titled "How Close Will the Bucs Stay Against the Pats"

-Maroney looked pretty good last week.

Why Not?

-We are short on running backs and somehow Maroney isn't the one injured, yet.

-The wide receivers. No Edelman. We got rid of Lewis and Galloway. Sure Moss and Welker are the best tandem in the biz but for a free-flinging offense we need more bodies, or rather, legs. Aiken is passable and Slater has yet to catch a pass. Can Tate step it up and contribute immediately?

-The Bucs might be inept...but they are young and scrappy.

-The forecast in London for game time is 60 and partly cloudy–no snow or ice.

Mahk's Lock of the Week:

Falcons +3.5

Dallas is not really that good. And not only that, it seems like they are not coached at all. When is everyone going to get off the notion that Tony Romo is a good QB? He really is not good at all. Atl, on the other hand, is a solid football team. Sure Dallas is playing at home and sure they are coming off of a bye week, but that wont help them here. Matty Ice and the Burner win this one convincingly. Fal-cones 31 Cowgirls 14

Back to the Pats.


I think that Sister Mary's School for the Blind could beat the Bucs by more than 15. Pats land in the 40's here. Could be more.

Pats 45 - Sucs 3

Blauhg Decision:

Take the Pats with the points and the Over.

We hesitated with the Over call but then we realized that the trip across the pond isn't a missionary excursion attempting to convert the footie followers into American football fans. The trip isn't goodwill. It's about money, about getting another continent to shell out dollars for NFL hoodies (preferably ones cut off just short of the elbow). No doubt Kraft wants every pasty chap in a Pats pullover and his best chance at doing that is to have New England crush the red jerseys. In a way it is sort of a missionary trip to convert the limeys to Pats fans but mostly to convert their pounds into into American dollars. It's Kraft's one shot to Imperialize Great Britain and for that reason alone we think the Patriots will bring out the big guns.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Patriots Highlights vs Titans

By Greg
Recap of the game vs Titans, I could watch this over and over again.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gameballs vs Titans

By: Greg
A perfect game. The defense could not of played any better. The offense was clicking. Brady got his mojo back. Maroney ran straight ahead. Many players deserve a gameball this week but we at the Blaugh only were given two to give out. So the gameballs go to.....

Offense: Tom Brady

After a horrible showing in the second half of the Broncos game, Brady woke up and starting clicking with his receivers. He had more Touchdowns 6 than incompletions 5. Broke numerous records and only played a little bit over a half. He ended the game with 380 yards. Is the real Tom Brady back??

Defense: Brandon McGowan

I absolutely love this guy. He has been a beast. I can't get enough of him. McGowan has been all over the field. On Sunday he had 8 tackles and 1 forced fumble. A few players could have been given the game ball on defense but McGowan lead the team in tackles and deserves big credit this year.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Patriots Preview vs Oilers

By: Greg

The Titans are 0 and 5. They have a bad quarterback. The lost their best defensive player from last season. Their two starting defensive backs are out for Sundays game. They are starting two rookie Corners. Sounds like an easy win huh? Not so quick my pal.

The Titans have played every team they faced very tough. They were a 12-4 team last season. They have one of the best running backs in Chris Johnson. They have a very smart head coach. They need to win this game or their season is over.

Keys to the Game:

1. Getting Brady back on track

Tom was terrible in the second half of last game. He completed less than 45 percent of his passes and made numerous timing mistakes. Well this could be the game (I know we have been saying this every game) he breaks out. The Titans are starting two rookie CBs and their two best CBs are out for the game. Brady should go to Moss and Welker with ease. I really really think Brady will have huge numbers

2. Getting out to an early lead.

If the Pats can take an early lead this means that Kerry Collins will have to throw and throw some more. This means the Pats can pin their ears back on an immobile QB. Getting an early lead also means less of Chris Johnson......

3. Stopping Chris Johnson.

This guy can take it the distance any time he touches the ball. That mean the Pats must gang tackle. They have been stout vs the run this season. As long as Chris Johnson doesnt break one long the Pats will be in good shape.

4. Establishing a number three receiver

With the health of the Titans secondary the Pats will pass and pass and pass. However I think for Toms confidence and the future success of the offense, the Pats need a third receiver to emerge. Whether it is EdelTHEman, Galloway or Aiken, someone needs to step up.

Players to watch on the Oilers

Offense- Chris Johnson

As I said CJ can take it to the house any time he touches the ball. Look for the Titans to work the screen game against the Pats and CJ is very dangerous in the open field.

Defense- Kieth Bullock

Guy has 41 tackles on the season and is known for getting in trouble on the field


Tom Brady- Last week he was the goat, this week hell be the hero. Brady will tear up the young Titans corners and hurting Titans defense. Look for over 350 yards and 3 TDs. Moss and Welker will have big games also.

Big Vince Wilfork- Wilfork will play a key role in stopping CJ. Vince has been a beast so far this season.

Prediction- Pats 41 Titans- 17- The Offense will finally start clicking. Vince Young will play in garbage time. Put it on the board.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Back Room Patriots Prediction Week 6

Where one bloggler puts his money where his two typing fingers are.

Oilers at PATRIOTS -9.5, O/U 43.5

By Rocky

Remember the Titans…of last year? They don’t exist but Tennessee is throwing-back to the well, way back. The Tennessee Oilers who haven’t won a game rocking the derrick since 1998 face the 1-1 Boston Patriots. Brady’s year off seems more like it’s been 11 since he threw a ball to a moving receiver. Still somehow Kerry Collins has more picks (7) than tuddy’s (5). Our defense is shaky (but now Seau joins the rodeo), the Oilers’ defense is bad (31st against the pass). Both teams haven’t lived up to expectations: At the start of the season, Vegas had the Pats winning it all and the Titans a Wild Card-caliber team. Hence, I’ll expect a big win for the Pats and then settle for them to just win.

Note: J.R. is on his own Bye Week

Blauhg Decision: No Music City Miracle, Take the Pats to win and cover with the Under.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fitzy's Unwicked Nonpissah Sunday Recapcast

By: Greg

Fitzy a great New England/Boston fans shows us what it was like to be a Patriots/Red Sox fan on Sunday. Sums up my feelings exactly. If you just want to hear the Pats part fast forward to 3:05 in the video. Fitzy is a funny funny guy. Who the hell calls tails?????

Warning: Explicit language

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Say What? Seau. Junior returns to the Patriots

By: Greg

Junior Seau is back in grad school. A few years ago Junior Said he had "graduated" from the Dolphins and the NFL, but then went to grad school with the Pats. He got his masters but now is back for his doctorate.

Junior Seau has been saying for weeks that he wants to come back to the Patriots. Most of us thought it would happen, but not this early. He said that he had 6 to 8 games left in him. The NFL gives newly signed players 2 weeks before they have to give up a roster spot. So this gives the Pats up into the bye week for Junior to get back into NFL shape.

Junior will most likely be a part time player. He will provide leadership and knowledge to a young defensive linebacking system.

This move also shows that BB does not have faith in his young back up linebackers: Alexander and Pierre Woods. The Pats now have a rotation at MLB of Mayo, Guyton and Seau. Pretty solid group.

Running over linemen and lead blockers is a lot better than getting run over by bulls; Junior is the host of new sports show on versus called Sports Jobs where Seau does different jobs on sports. The show premieres Decmeber 2nd.

Welcome back to the Pats Junior!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Patriots Highlights vs Broncos

By: Greg
Tough, tough, tough loss. The Pats fall to 3-2. Brady looked bad. The defense looked bad. Not many good highlights in the second half. Not a good day for New England Sports Fans.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Its Bradys Fault

By: Greg

The loss to the Broncos is Tom Bradys fault. Yeah he had 2 Tds but he could have had 2 to 3 more if he made the right pass. One to Moss wide open in the endzone which resulted in 0 points and one to Welker on a crucial 3rd down where Wes was wide open streaking down the field and Brady threw it at Wes' shoes.

Brady held on to the ball wayyyyy to long on the play that lost the Pats the game in the 4th quarter and that resulted in a sack fumble for the Broncos.
Brady missed many receivers in stride to result in long games. This loss is on Tom Brady.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Back Room Patriots Prediction Week 5

Where, this week, one bloggler puts his money where his two typing fingers are. And the other texts in his lock from Italy.

Patriots -3 at Broncos. O/U 41

By Rocky:

OK we may have found out who the Pats are in the past two weeks, but now the identity crisis falls on the Broncos. Is Josh McDaniels “the architect of the 2007 Patriots’ offense” or is he simply McFourleafclover?

Has he won over Brandon Marshall and the team or are we just talkin’ bout practice?

Is Neckbeard the same loser he was in Chicago (minus the Super Bowl run)

or a rockstar?

Even after the regime changes can Denver look like the Broncos of yore (no, I mean this era) and flat run the score up?
Matt Stafford and Knowshon: pro football players, amateur obstetricians

Are the Broncos, excuse me, the 4-0 Broncos (with wins over the Bungals, Browns, Raidahs and Boys) an undefeatable team? Thus far, no, but we’ll see Sunday.

Both the Pats' and Bronc's leading rushers are out: Taylor and Buckhalter respectively. McDaniels knows our team in and out while BB only knows what goes on inside the mind of Lucky Charms and a few of his tercerary players. What works for the Broncos will be their attitude. They are a 4-0 team with little respect, meaning they have no hype to live up to and thus the reverse jinx says that they win. This is me hexing the reverse jinx causing the vortex to spin the other way and nullifying the reverse by making it just a jinx. Or did that just undo it?

Anyways, Brady steps up–but not into defenders–and Wes Welker has the game of his career, earning the Steve Largent Trophy for "best white wide receiver" over Stokley.

Oh, and I just got a text from J.R. who is in Italy, "Jets are my (Mahk) Lock of the Week. No way Rex lets them lose to a run-only teams. Jets 27-Fish 10 (make it the Bloccare of the Week). And I'm taking the Pats–because the are the better team."

Blauhg Decision:

Mile High will be Shoot-Out City–take the Pats and the Over.


Thursday, October 8, 2009


By Greg

Dance, Dance, Dance. This is all we see when number 39 gets the rock in the backfield. Laurnce Maroney you need to step it up. The Pats took you as a first round pick and you were suppose to be the next great Patriots running back but after your rookie year you have done nothing but Dance Dance Dance.

Please hit the hole. Get the ball run straight, get to the next level of defenders then its your time to try out for dancing with the stars. But first get the three yards. Watch your back field mates: Straight ahead Sammy and Fred Tractor Taylor.
When you get the ball in open field, you are great. If you want to be a third down/receving back/kick returner, you can do that and you can keep dancing. But if you want to live up to your first round status and a viable running back in this league stop the damn dancing.

So Maroney this is you wake up call! Step it up. Stop the Damn Dancing. Hit the hole. Stop blaming your offensive line. You have one week!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brewer and a PATRIOT

By Rocky:

Chris Shellcroft of Fansided decided to assign each NFL team a beer that appropriately suits them. Guess which pint we pulled?

"Sammy went from local microbrew in the 80’s to American beer giant in the 90’s while the Pats went from Steve Grogan hell to Tom Brady heaven in about the same span."

I, for one, think that Grogan was a fine quarterback. Do you know which quarterback holds the record for most rushing touchdowns in one season? Kordell? No way. Vick? Nope. Vince or Steve Young? Hahaha. It was good ole #14, who had 12 in 1976 to O.J. Simpson’s eight (and this was the Juice’s third best rushing season). Screw the Wildcat.

Wash that down while checking out the unofficial beers of the rest of the league by clicking the link above.

By the way we are matched up against stale-piss-water this Sunday.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Darius Butler on ESPN's First Take

By: Greg

One of the Patriots shining stars this week was rookie Darius Butler. He made a few key plays down the stretch and was featured this morning on First Take on ESPN Dos.

New England Patriots Blog

Gameballs Week 4

By; Greg

What a 'wicked' good win. The Ravens are crying and the Pats are flying. Overall many players stepped up but the two gameballs go to......

Offense: Straight Ahead Sammy Morris- Seemed like every time the Pats need that one yard they go to Sammy. Sammy is no fullback but the way he runs, BB knows he can trust Straight Ahead Sammy Morris to get that yard. Numerous times yesterday Sammy made that yard. He also had a big 12 yard touchdown run to put the Pats up by 10 going into halftime. He ended the day with 6 carries for 21 yards and 1 TD, also 5 catches for 35 yards. Sammy is so valuable to this squad and we saw why yesterday.

Defense: Brandon Meriweather- I went with him as my prediction in the preview and he shined vs the Ravens. Brandon is playing like a big time safety. He made a magnificent break up on a would be touchdown right before the half to make the Ravens punt. He also had a team high 9 tackles. He seemed to be in on every play.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Injury Report

By; Greg

Good News. Wes Welker the waterbug is active. InVincable Wilfork is active. Joey wheretheres a will theres a Galloway is not active.

Welker will be a huge addition today. Tom Brady gets his safety blanket back and will dump down to him on blitzes.

Wilfork is big in the middle against Ray Fried Rice and Whatcha talking about Willis McGahee. If the Pats can stop the running game, it will put pressure on Flacco to air it out.

Galloway is not active but is not hurt (as far as I know). This means that BB and Tom Brady do not have confidence in him. Julian Edelman will be the third WR. This could spell doom for Galloway. If his confidence wasnt shot after a few big drops then it is now. Galloway could be a candidate for cut city.

New England Patriots Blog

Game Preview: Patriots vs Ravens

By: Greg
The beers are on ice and the wings are ready to take their weekly dive into the fryalator. Another week and another huge game. The Ravens are ranked number one in the ESPN power rankings. Their offenses is clicking on all cylinders and their defense is well the Ravens defense.

Keys to the game:

1. Establishing a running game: We saw last week that a balanced attack can and does work. The Patriots need to establish a running game with Fred Tractor Taylor and the rest of the crew. This will take the pressure off Tom Brady both figuratively and literally. The pass rush cant key on Brady when there is a threat of Tractor Taylor breaking off a big one.

2. Stopping the Ravens two headed monster: Ray Rice and Willis McGahee have been a dominate one two punch this season. McGahee eats up the touchdowns while Rice eats up the yardage. If the Pats can stop the run like they did last week then the Pats will be victorious.

3. Injury Status of the wounded: Wes Welker, Vince Wilfork, Randy Moss, Nick Kazur, 3 corners. If a good chunk of these guys are out the Pats are in trouble. If Welker and Wilfork suit up the Pats become that much more dynamic. Welker will be huge in dump offs for Tommy when the blitz comes. Wilfork is key in shutting down the running game by swallowing up two linemen.

Players to watch:

Offense: Joey Flacco- The most improved player from last season. Flacco has become a weapon instead a guy the Ravens are trying to hide. The Pats shut down his draft mate Matty Ice last week, lets hope they do the same to Flacco.

Defense: Ray Lewis- Why not, this guy is still a beast and makes that defense run. Contain him and the Pats will be up and down the field, dont and the Pats are in for a long day and plenty of Ray Lewis dances


Tom Brady: This is the week where Brady breaks out numbers wise. Brady was clicking last week. If Welker comes back Tommy will put up huge numbers. Even if the waterbug does not play Brady will still have over 300 yards and 2 touchdowns. So everyone can quiet down Brady is fine.

Brandon Merriweather: He will be very busy this week both in the pass and run game. Brandon is second on the team in tackles with 19 and it seems like week after week he comes up with a key fumble recovery or strip. Brandon will strip Derrick Mason today along with 7 tackles and one stomp.

Prediction: Patriots 31 Ravens 23

The offense will start to click, the defense will bend but not break.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Back Room Patriots Prediction Week 4

Two blogglers put their money where their typing fingers are:

Ravens +1.5 Patriots O/U 44.5

By Rocky:

Can we get our legs back? Brady was out for year (knee) and still hasn’t gotten his timing down, Welker (knee) might return after starting off the year with 93 yards against the Bills, the center of the defense Vince Wilfork (ankle) is another game-time decision and NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Jerod Mayo (knee) just dressed for practice. Four Patriots whose jerseys you can purchase off the rack have been hobbled as of the hottest teams in the league come to The Razor.

After an inspired victory over the Falcons can BB and the boys shut down Jersey Joe Flacco? Maybe.

Can Brady use his other weapons to pick apart the Rex Ryan-less Ravens’ D? For sure.

The Pats need to get back to the shotgun. The Jets found that the best way to neutralize Brady, who is gaining back his sea-legs, is to blitz him. The Ravens will be bringing the house and sic Ray Lewis on him, which would free up the middle for Edelman (or Welker, fingers crossed) but we don’t have a blocking back to protect Brady. Look for quick flares and dumps to add up to a few scores and lots of minutes.

By J.R.

The Raven offense gets grounded Sunday. Pats win a tough one.

Pats 17 - Ravens 14

Blaugh Decision: Take the Pats minus the point and a half, the Under and if you can get action on Galloway dropping catches take the Over up to three.


Mahk's Lock of Week 4

By J.R.

Mahk J.R. (pronounced in regions other than New England like "Mark J.R.") is our numbers guy. By "numbers" we mean gambling and by "our guy" we mean our guy–for the blog and if we need a tip to make rent. He provides the same service for you loyal readers here, and you don't even have to buy him a beer or a Jager Bomb, though you'd love to after following his advice.

The Mahk Lock of the Week is: Titans -3

The Titans lost a hard fought game last week at the Titans of New York. If the Titans of Tennessee want to contend for anything at all this year, they will have to win this game in Jacksonville. Don't think Jeff Fisher will allow his team to lose this match-up. Chris Johnson has a big day and the Tennessee defense shuts down MJD.

Titans 24 - Jaguars 13

Lock it up.

What does Hayden Panettiere have to do with Mahk's Lock? She was in Remember the Titans.