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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BB's call to the fans...

By: Greg
A little late but it doesnt get better than making fun of the Jets and Crying Ryan. Here is BB's phone call to Pats fans ala Crying Ryans phone call to Jets fans.

Monday, November 23, 2009

10 Things to Think About After 10 Games

--Nope, Brady, you are #3 on our list
By Rocky

10 – Our secondary seems passable, and not pass-all-over-able

9 – Our defense can score points

8 – Isaiah Stanback can contribute as a wide receiver

7 – At 7-3, 5-3, 3-1, we are (at least) two games up in the Division

6 – (We assume that) running backs not named Maroney are getting healthier

5 – Perhaps Charlie Weis will rejoin our sideline?

4 – There is over a week of distance between “4th and 2” and the “4th and 2” talk is almost over

3 – Brady’s got his swagger back

2 – We are second overall in total offense

1 – We don’t have to play on Thanksgiving (read: no really short week). On a side note, Charlie, the cat who I watch Pats’ games with, suggests that going forward the Patriots play the Redskins and then the Chiefs over the next two Thanksgivings—kind of like the first Thanksgiving.


Gameballs vs JETS

By: Greg
Big division win. They had me on the edge of my seat, thinking they were going to blow another huge lead but Brady found Welker, once, twice, 15 times. Gameballs were easy this week:

Offensive Gameball: Wes Waterbug Welker:

He was injured in the first game vs the Jets and he showed to be the difference maker in this game. He snagged 15 balls and gained 192 yards- those are Madden numbers. With the Jets often blitzing, Brady was able to find Welker on quick routes or coming across the middle.

Defensive Gameball: Leigh Bodden

Another easy gameball to give. Bodden seemed to always be in the right place at the right time. Bodden came up with 3 picks, one short of the NFL record for a game. He also recorded 3 tackles and returned the first interception for a TD. He was the game changer yesterday. All the interceptions came at the best possible time for the Pats. He is in for a big pay day after yesterdays performance.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Patriots Preview vs Jets

By: Greg

Another Sunday and another huge game for the Patriots. No more fourth and 2 talk. No more Colts or Peyton talk. Its time for our hated "rival" the Jets. They beat the Pats early in the season and a win for them now would put them back in the picture for division champs. This time around however the Pats come equipped with the Waterbug and a better Brady. The Jets are missing two big pieces in Chris Jenkins and Leon Washington.

Keys to the Game

1. Throwing the kitchen sink at Sanchize: He was anointed the Franchise quarterback after a few games but now defensive coordinators are figuring this guy out. If you pressure him and throw different looks at him, he gets rattled. The Pats wont let him hurt them today.

2. Moss vs Revis: Revis has been saying all week that he covered and can cover Randy Moss one on one and shut him down. He held Randy to 24 yards in the first meeting but this time the Pats have the Waterbug Welker back. More attention goes to the Waterbug today and Randy gets open deep. Randy will be motivated and when he is....look out.

3. Stopping the Blitz: We know Rex Ryan loves to do two things: Biltz and Cry. Hopefully we can stop the Blitzing and help the crying out. Vollmer has been a monster on the end of the line but this week he gets a new test, can he pick up the blitzes. Also the Waterbug will help in dump off passes and quick screens.

Key Players for the Jets

1. B. Edwards- WR- First time around he was not on the squad. He is dangerous if he can actually hold onto the ball.

2. D. Revis_ CB- One of the best CBs in the game.


1. Kevin Faulk: The screen game and draw will be big vs the Jets defense, to slow down the blitzing. Look for BB to utilize Faulk in this area and Kevin will have a big game.

2. Guyton- An undrafted free agent, has been huge this season. Guyton will play a big role in stopping Thomas Jones.


“To become a champion, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will,” - Rex Ryan

“There really are no shutdown corners in the league because they have help most of the game,” Moss said then. “I mean, I probably could be a shutdown corner if I had (Pats safety Brandon) Meriweather over the top the whole game.”

Prediction: Pats 35 Jets 10- Jets are going to get BLOWN OUT. The Pats are mad. The Jets are hurt. Moss is motivated.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Patriots Playback: Down goes the camera man.

By Greg
In this verision of P.P. it shows a camera man getting taken down by BB's body gaurd.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Coach has marbles.....

By: Greg

Look we can all be mad at BB. How the hell can you go for it in your own territory on Fourth and 2. What the hell was he thinking?? Has he lost his mind??
What it comes down to is that the team we cheer for on Sundays, has Marbles and big ones.

Well if he would have made that fourth down, he would have been a genius.

Let me ask you another question: If you are the Patriots down by 6 with 2 minutes left to Peyton Manning and its 4th and 2 on your 30. Would you be more happy if you saw the Colts punting the ball or going for it? Honestly I rather have the Colts punt the ball. Why? Because a QB like Brady or Manning can march down the field and win the game. Also I would be scared that the Colts would be able to pick the fourth down up and seal the game. Would that ever be a situation that we would have to worry about? No. Because the other coaches in this league dont have the MARBLES that BB has. No other coach is going to go for it on fourth and 2 in their own territory.

I think those Marbles just got bigger after this game. He will now roll those marbles out more often just to show people he was right.

Look I am still mad we lost the game. I am mad that we went for it on Fourth down. I am mad we had no timeouts left. But I am happy that we have a coach that has some BIG BIG MARBLES.

Monday, November 16, 2009

About Last Night

Dear Patriots Fan:

Thank you for coming here for two reasons. Firstly for visiting our humble little blog and secondly for not giving up on the Pats to the point that you cease reading about them. What can we do for you in your time of need? We could stomp around and complain about the bad positioning of the ref who called the fourth and two a bobble when, clearly, the first down was achieved. We could rail against the official who worked the clock by pushing it back to two minutes when we would be unable to challenge the spot because we ran out of timeouts and booth reviews only come in under two minutes. But neither will change the outcome of the loss. And we just backhandedly did mention the follies and the final score didn’t change. See?

Let’s all channel Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting, you’ll be Matt Damon in this example: “It’s not you fault, look at me son, it’s not your fault, it’s not you fault. No, no, no, it’s not your fault...”

If you want to blame Bill Belichick we can’t fault you, but then don’t ever claim his genius to be the reason you love the Pats. Yes, we are drawing the line in the field turf right now: if you want to blame BB then you don’t ever get to revel in his maverick moves that turn out favorably.

Here’s how the last two and change played out for me and possibly you: “Oh the Colts are going to burn a timeout.” “Really? Fourth and two and you go to the two-yard pattern!?!” “The booth will review that.” “Oh no, who’s running the clock?” “Bill really doesn’t trust the D.” “This is why there was no trust in the D.” “Oh, c’mon just let him score! Haven’t you ever played a football video game!” “Looks like the defense is trying to show Belichick that they can stop them.” “I need another beer.” “Great we have teen-seconds.” “Don’t take the ball out of the endzone, save the clock.” “F*&%*$*&*&*(*#@$%*&^%#@!”

Belichick gambled and lost; you have to take the good with the egregious. If you read the “Back Room Predictions” post below then you know that I, too, gambled and covered (and the Over did hit, so yes Virginia, there will be a Santa Claus this year) but because we didn’t win I had to purchase a Colts cap this morning. It was a bad beat where the Colts pulled a flush on the river. But that’s fandom; you invest yourself and then win or lose. Your alarm clock went off the same time it does every Monday (unless last night’s ref’s worked it. Hey yo!). Go about your day and know that the next coin flip is less than a week away when the possibility to win or lose occurs again. Don’t you dare admonish Belichick unless you are prepared to not celebrate his future wins. If you are still not OK please print this out and hand to your loved ones.

Dear Loved One:

Please take my belt and shoe laces away from me. I am sorry, I can't be trusted. I love you and the Patriots dearly and for that reason I suggest you sweep the house as if we just adopted a toddler or a puppy. Please remove all sharp objects or other paraphernalia that I might be able to harm myself, the radio or television when it’s tuned to SportsCenter with. If you do find me curled up in the fetal position and speaking in tongues about Bill Polian or Peyton Manning it’s best to leave me alone. If you can slide my leather-bound Sports Illustrated commemorative edition of one of the past Patriots’ Super Bowls that might help. If all else fails please use this mantra as a last ditch effort to right my ship: “It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault.”



Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pats Preview vs Colts

By: Greg
The biggest game the Patriots have played in over a year. The Colts lead the conference and are undefeated. If the Colts win they pretty much locked up homefield advantage over the Patriots. If the Pats win they hold the upper hand of head to head matchup (Number one tie breaker) in the Conference. This is a big big game. I can feel it in the air tonight......

Keys to the Game:

1. Stopping Dallas Clark: Clark is on his way to having the best year of any TE any year. He is Mannings safety blanket and is a key in that passing game. Well Colts we have your kryponite (sp) his name is Brandon McGowan. I love McGowan and McGowan loves covering TE's. Every TE that he has gone against has failed. McGowan will be on Clark today for his biggest challenge of the season.

2. Taking advantage of the young Colts CBs: I feel like I say this every week. Take advantage of young DBs. The colts have major injuries of Marlin Jackson and Bob Sanders. The Pats should not even think about running the ball. Pass the ball 800 times and torch those young DBs.

3. Put Manning on his butt: Peyton has a knack for avoiding the sack. If the Pats can get to him with thier front four it will be a key in the game, to get Peyton off his rhythm.

Key Players:

1. Reggie Wayne: One of the best players in the NFL . Im sure BB will give Wayne a varied look of who is covering him. The Pats dont have a shut down corner and that could hurt against Wayne.

2. Dwight Freeney: Going against Vollmer, Vollmer has been impressive lets see if he can contain Freeney.

MVPs of the Game

1. Wes Welker: Who is going to stop the Waterbug in the slot. I see the Waterbug going for a ton of yards. Rookies wont be able to slow down Welker plus there will be extra safety help for Moss so it opens it up for the Waterbug.

2. Jerod Mayo: Perfect game for Mayo, playing sideline to sideline. Mayo will have his hands full with Addai, Brown and Clark.

Prediction: Pats 28 Colts 25: This one will be a barn burner. The Pats will get to the young secondary and hardly run the ball. HERE WE GOOOOOOO! Im pumped!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Back Room Patriots Prediction Week 10

By Rocky:

Where one bloggler puts his money where his two typing fingers are.

Patriots +2.5 at the Colts O/U 50

Like an Eames chair this match-up has become a modern classic. Manning vs Brady, Belichick vs Manning, pundits screaming at each other over which of those three is the premier performer in the rivalry.

I like the Pats with or without the points because of my heart. My brain thinks that the slight edge goes to Brady and BB vs the Colts’ secondary. Plus the SI cover jinx will offset the magical power of home field advantage, thus the money is on the Pats.

My heart and pride are also on the line here though. If you know me you know that I am always wearing a ball cap and that my rotation includes a few Pats hats (see above). Anyway I placed a wager with an executive in my office who is a Colts fan. If New England wins he’ll wear a Patriots’ colored tie and if the Colts win I’ll walk into work Monday morning donning a Colts cap. Would my penance be more obvious and humiliating? Maybe so, and proof again that I’m terrible at negotiating. Or it could be that the severity of my possible shame offsets the odds we both know to be in our favor? Yes, Vegas opened the line giving the Pats 2.5 points and as you are aware the home team automatically gets 3 points, so we are basically half a point better. That half point is the difference between the Colts remaining undefeated and me wearing a horseshoe hat as an albatross.

Take the Pats and the over—no way Manning doesn’t throw for three but still loses.


The Real Question: Peyton vs Brady

By; Greg
The real question this week is not who is the better quarterback is but....who is the better actor?

Peyton's acting ability has paved the way for Tom Brady. Now both of them can been seen on commercials, TV shows and even SNL. America is spilt on who the better QB is, are they spilt on who the better actor is??? You be the judge....

If you like 6'5 quarterbacks with rocket arms

One of his best...CUT THAT MEAT!

Snl Manning




Well I think its clear Peyton wins....but I'd take Brady any day on the field over Manning.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Whose House?

By Rocky:

"This is Our House" is the new Gillette Stadium-anthem done by Belichick's boy Bon Jovi. And even though the Patriots will be on the road Sunday night it will be played during the broadcast. Was the song written for Bill with the Pats in mind? We doubt it, because Jovi originally tried to give "We Weren't Born to Follow" to us but baseball claimed it first. The Internet also tells us is that the Jersey- poster-boy-rocker once announced "this is our house!" in Giants Stadium.


The walking wounded. Injury updates...

By: Greg

By the middle of every season numerous players are bumped, bruised and hurt. This season many Patriots have gone down. Below is an update of what is happening on the injury front with the Patriots:
Matt Light (knee)- Has been out for four games. Expected back in the next few weeks. Although he is expected back he will not be handed his job back. Sebastiain Vollmer has been doing an excellent job while filling in for Light. Vollmer has shut down his opponents, like Joey Porter last week. BB said about Light getting his job back "Well deal with that situation when he comes back"

Straight Ahead Sammy Morris (knee): Morris went down with a knee injury a few games ago. He has been questionable for a few weeks. He has been limited in practice but is not walking with a limp any more. He is not expected back this week and will probably return week 11. When he does return, do not expect him to be back in the starting role because Maroney has been playing well of late.

Fred Taylor- Has not been ruled out for the season but it is a possibility. If he does come back it wont be until late. Taylor would be an excellent pick up down the stretch of the season when the Pats need to grind it out.

Dan Koppen- His status is unknown. He went down last game.

Jarvais Green- Green should be back in 2-3 weeks. Mike Wright filled in last week and did a honorable job.

Julian Edelman- Probably wont return for another few weeks. When he is back he gives the Pats another weapon in the slot and in the return game.

Johnathan Whilitie- Returned to practice on Wednesday: "I'm happy to be standing up here talking to ya'll right now because I was throwing up and sick a lot, but everything is fine now, and I'm ready to get back," he said.

Monique Walker passes along an extensive list of players not present at the media portion of Patriots practice:
WR Julian EdelmanWR Brandon TateRB Fred TaylorS Brandon MeriweatherRB Sammy MorrisC Dan KoppenLT Matt LightWR Randy MossDL Jarvis Green

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pats Preview vs Dolphins

By: Greg

A big division game for the Pats against that wacky wildcat. Win this one and the Pats will have a strong hold on the division, lose and it spells trouble for the Pats at the top because the Phins have not lost in the AFC East.


1. Containing the Wildcat: The wildcat was born in Gillette. The second meeting however the Pats held the wildcat to under 40 yards. Will the Phins add something to that wildcat? YES. Will the Pats stop that something? We Will see. Pat White might be that guy who is the added something.

2. Torching the young CBs on the Phins: The Dolphins are young in the tooth at Corner and the Pats can and will take advantage of that. Look for Randy to have a big game along with Brady. If the Phins cant contain the Pats air attack it will be a long day.

3. Rattling Chad Henne: Get to Henne early with the blitz and he will be crapping his pants the rest of the game. If you let him sit and relax he will get comfortable and could be dangerous with his strong arm.

4. Containing Tedd Ginn on Special Teams: Ginn does nothing on offense. On special teams its a different story. Ginn returned 2 TDs last week to win the game for Miami. The Pats put extra work in on the Special teams to make sure that does not happen to them.

Players to watch:

1. Ronnie Brown: Guy is a beast. He will pass, run and catch. Hes the cat in the wildcat. Contain him and win, dont and loss.

2.Jason Taylor: Could have been a Pat. Now hes playing for the Phins. Still a good player, still can get at the Quarterback


1. Randy Randy Randy Moss: Moss will burn the young DBs of Miami. They have not seen a duo of Welkers/Moss' caliber. Randy will go deep numerous times and score a few times for the Pats in a win.

2. Vince Wilfork: In order to stop the Wildcat, Vince need to be on his game. If he can disrupt the middle of the offense Ronnie Brown and Pat White will have trouble.


Pats Stop the Wildcat and air it out in the Passing game. Pats win but dont cover.

Pats 27 Dolphins 20

Friday, November 6, 2009

Joey Porter has Diarrhea of the mouth

By: Greg

When will this guy shut up already. Joey Porterpottymouth has been talking and talking and talking all week about the Patriots and Tom Brady. This time he is sounding off about the "Tom Brady Rules".

"When a guy can tell a ref when to throw a flag, and he gets it, he's got his own rules. They made the rule that you don't go at the legs for Tom, so when he feels that someone is going at his legs, he just points to the ref and he gets a flag. So I can honestly say that he gets his own rules."

He also commented on spy gate....

"I still don't care for New England," Porter said. "The hate's been there for a while, especially after all the cheating they did back in the day. ... They can sweep it under the rug if they want to, but just like anybody else that's cheating that gets caught, you put an asterisk by it. But nobody puts an asterisk by those championships."

"They [the Patriots] cheated, there should be an asterisk. They cheated and they got caught."

I know the Patriots are listening to his comments and had enough of his Diarrhea. The front line of the Pats better beat up on him and teach him a lesson.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jarvis Green Out til December

By: Greg

Its not all Rosy and green in New England, DE Jarvis Green had knee surgery and will be out until early December. Injured players are not allowed to talk to the media so he had no comment. Green has started all 7 games for the Pats and has 18 tackles thus far.

So what does this mean for the Patriots?

Mike the Price is Wright will take Greens place on the end. Wright has been a solid contributor so far this season. He leads the Pats in sacks with four and has 17 tackles as a super sub. Wright mostly plays D tackle but has seen more time at end this year.

"I've been playing a little bit more (over there) this year since (Richard) Seymour's gone, and Jarvis is over there," he said. "I'm kind of backing up Jarvis a little bit more. It's been good. I've been getting a lot of reps over there in games. It's been helping me out a lot. So I've been a lot more comfortable over there. But we'll see where they put me."

I'm the utility guy so wherever they want to put me, I'll be, and I'll be prepared,"

This hurts the Pats D line depth. Wright will move over to DE which means more time for Brace and Pryor the rookies at D Tackle. The Pats have only 5 D linemen but could put Tully Banta Cain on the line on passing downs.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Patriots Cheerleaders' Halloween Costumes

On Halloween the Patriettes hand out eye candy.

Fitzy's 2009 Bye Week Patscast

By: Greg
Our pal Fitzy joins us for bye week fun and the season so far. He offers up some insightful commentary and drunken opinions on the Pats' post-bye week schedule. Be warned, an awful lot of burping and swearing here......