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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Patriots Playback: Funny Dubbed of the Patriots

By: Greg
In this edition of Patriots Playback your friends at the Blaugh stumbled across this video of a dubbed video of the Patriots/Bills game from December 20th.

This next one comes from the Titans game, Brady wants his playstation 3

Whats the scenario???

By: Greg

Here we go yo, here we go yo, so whats whats the scenario? Will they be third or fourth seed? Well its complicated, so heres my best....

Third or Fourth Seed?
If the Pats win and the Bengals lose the Pats get 3rd and Bengals 4th.
If Pats lose and Bengals win the Pats get 4th seed.
If both teams lose then the Pats get the 3rd seed based on streghtn of victory UNLESS this happens:
Cleveland beats Jacksonville. Pittsburgh beats Miami. Indianapolis beats Buffalo. And any of the following happens: Baltimore beats Oakland, Green Bay beats Arizona, Kansas City beats Denver, New Orleans beats Carolina, Seattle beats Tennessee.-
Which could happen.
If both teams win the Pats get the 3rd seed unless this happens:
Cleveland must beat Jacksonville
Pittsburgh must beat Miami
Plus one of the following two groups
If Indianapolis beats Buffalo any of three following three must happen: Baltimore beats Oakland, Green Bay beats Arizona, Kansas City beats Denver, New Orleans beats Carolina, Seattle beats Tennessee.
If Buffalo beats Indy all of the following must happen: Baltimore beats Oakland, Green Bay beats Arizona, Kansas City beats Denver, New Orleans beats Carolina, Seattle beats Tennessee-

Do the Pats want the third or fourth seed? Now thats even more complicated....

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Four Pats named to the Pro Bowl; Moss snubbed

By: Greg

Four Patriots have made the pro bowl: Tom Brady, Vince Wilfork, Wes Welker, and Logan Mankins. Logan and Vince will be starters while Brady and Welker will be reserves. Randy Moss has been left off the squad. Moss leads the league in touch downs with 13 and is seventh in receiving yards with 1189. The receivers who were chosen over Moss were Brandon Marshall, Reggie Wayne and Andre Johnson. All those players are studs but it still hurts to see Randy off the squad (Vincent Jackson was also left off). Maybe this will add motivation for Moss to play above his head. We saw what he did after the media was chirping about his playing time now lets see what he can do when he gets "snubbed".

Wilfork added on his Pro Bowl selection:

“Don’t get it twisted, I love the Pro Bowl . . . but hope I can’t go because I will be at [the] Super Bowl the next week.’’

Now thats what I like to hear.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Video: Fan Interacts with Randy Moss, and is only 12

By: Greg
During the blowout win vs the Jags in the fourth quarter the Pats camera caught a young man (only 12 years old) with a randy moss mask doing the randy moss touchdown celebration.

At first watch I thought it would have been some drunk guy but the impersonator being 12 makes it that much better. Who would thunk that Randy just two weeks ago was being blasted by fans, and media through out the country. WATCH OUT RANDY IS BACK AND HAVING FUN!

Gameballs: vs Jag-U-ars

By: Greg

The Patriots sure do have the Los Angeles Jaguars number of late and it was the same thing on Sunday. The Patriots easily cruised to a victory over the hapless Jags. The running game looked good, Brady found Moss again, Welker ate up catches, the safeties played above their heads, the defense stoped both the pass and the run. Overall cant ask for anything more. And the gameballs go to......

Offense: The Offensive Line- The big guys up front dominated the Jag-U-ars. They averaged 5.5 yards per rush and totaled 197 yards on the ground. It seemed like the Pats running backs had huge holes all day. Even better was that Gisele does not have to do any extra laundy this week, Tom Brady's behind was clean, he was not sacked a single time. The offensive line is clicking now. With both Light and Vollmer on the book ends they should dominate most defensive lines.

Defense: Brandon Merriweather- The two big plays in the first half by the defense were made by Brandon Merriweather: A HUGE STOP on 3rd and One, when it looked like Mike Thomas was going to get the first down easily but Brandon came out of nowhere putting a huge hit on Thomas to get the momentum after Maroneys fumble. The second big play came when Brandon Merriweather did his best Jacoby Ellsbury impersonation, patrolling center field, grabbing a pick and bringing it back 56 yards. The Pats then went up 14-0 and cruised the rest of the way. Brandon is starting to play like a top safety in the league.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Back Room Patriots Prediction: Week 16 vs Jaguars

Where one bloggler puts his money where his two typing fingers are.

JagUars (pronounced affectedly like in the douchey car commercials) at New England -8, O/U 43.5.

It’s a “gotta win” (I hate “must win”) for both squadrons. If we win, we clinch the AFC East. The JagUars need to win to stay in Wild Card contention. We absolutely cannot let the bad guys win. And they are bad. Think about it: Jack Del Rio, Maurice Jones-Drew and Mike Sims-Walker sounds like John Wayne Gacy, John Wilkes Booth, James Earl Ray, Lee Harvey Oswald, etal.

Why we’ll dominate: Psst. Right now we are only one of three teams who are undefeated at home, in good company with the Vikings and the…ugh…Colts. Why the enormous home field advantage? Elements, familiarity and we, the fans, who help bolster a team that still seems a touch unsure of itself. Anybody who doesn’t think that fans have no influence on how their team plays needs only to look at the home/road record of the 2009 Patriots. Keep the dope job up, guys. Nuff said.

While the Pats’ defense isn’t the dominant hand of the 2009 season, we are still ranked tenth overall in total defense in the League. Let that sink in. Yes, with a dodgy d-backfield, we are ninth overall in pass defense. The JagUars hang their helmet on fantasy stud MJD’s running so I assume we’ll force David Douglas Garrard (see what I did there?) to try to beat us.

Conspiracy theory on why they may lay down and let us take it to them: My buddy Charlie who has family in the Jacksonville area says that because of the blackouts in JagUar Country, they need a savior and the person who will put God-fearing Republicans in the seats will be Tebow. A team that is in the hunt to make the playoffs can’t sell enough tickets to be broadcast but would love to watch a nice Christian boy on Sundays. Now I have no idea where Tebow is on Mel Kiper Jr.’s draft board but if the team takes a dive and Jack Of Rio gets and extension, we’ll see who is calling the shots.

Or, Fragile Freddie Jackson, the former jag (sic) spoke to the J-Ville media about how the JagUars moving to Los Angeles would be good for the NFL. So, more on the conspiracy tip, another reason to tank ala Major League!

On a related note Fraggle Freddie may be back in blue and white tomorrow. We can certainly use his legs but his scouting on the enemy may have already been tantamount. He, playing the part of the wise Marjory the Trash Heap, is the key Patriot to the game plan.

Blauhg Prediction: The eight is a strange number but being part of that home field advantage, I’ll take it and support the Pats (or my bookie) and the Over will hit. We have a statistically solid defense but they’ve given up 10 points in each of the past two games, and we won. So if you can cash in your Dave and Busters Christmas gift cards for gambling credits hit the Over against a bad JagUars secondary and the Pats on the money line.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best Christmas Present of 2009: Patriots Fox Robot

By Rocky,

A friend of mine, who has a friend who works at Fox, procured a few Bears Fox 'Bots (Cleatus) for Christmas and I've been looking everywhere since. Finally the Internet found them. And while other blogs may do that rote saw of "All Patriots Fans Want For Christmas is a shutdown corner, etc" posting, here's something that is actually feasible.

So your kid asked for a Air Hogs Havoc Helicopter? First of all he has no idea that the Pats Fox Bot exists or he would have e-mailed Santa about it. Secondly–and I hope you kept the receipt–the Air Hogs helicopters are more disappointing than our drafting of Maroney in the first round. I have sickeningly high ceilings and Chris Hanson's punts stay in the air longer than the $40 piece of styrofoam shaped like an Apache.

Heck, even if you don't have a kid this would look pretty boss on you desk at work. When you co-workers see it prominently displayed next to your framed picture of Bill Belichick they will think of you as a diligent, dynamic and classy asset to the company. They will also know that you appreciate Robots that run in place.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Cocktail Napkin Notes

By: Greg
I tried a new thing this week. I scribbled down notes/thoughts about the game as it went on, on a cocktail/buffalo wing napkin. The hardest part= trying to decipher my drunken handwriting.
Game was huge for the Pats: A division win, A conference win, A win on the road, A win without their two best defensive players, A win from behind, A win for the defense, A win for Randy. Now onto the notes:

Wright is a beast, he has been handling his opponent and getting to the ball carrier/quarterback all day. Really solid player stepping it up huge in to fill the void of Wilfork and Warren.

  • Junior is getting more and more playing time. Especially against a running team Junior should be out there.

  • Do all our offensive drives stall on the 35-40 yard line (written in 1st half). It seems like the last few weeks all thier drives get down to the 35-40 yard line and its fourth and medium and the Pats must make a decision

  • Jerrod Mayo looks bad. Mayo has been getting blocked and taken off the ball. I dont knwo if its his injury or just a bad second year.

  • Richie Igcognito looks like Buzz from Home Alone. This is what my GF who puts up with me during Pats games when Richies picture came onto the screen, I agree. "Buzz Im going through all your private stuff, you better come out and pound me"- Great Movie

  • Burgess is stepping it up big time. Big sack and big 3rd down tackle from behind in the 3rd quater. If he can keep this up, the Pats can have a legitimate pass rush.

  • DID YOU SEE EDELMENS BLOCK!: This is a call I got from my buddy 77, I did not see the block at first but thank god for DVR. Edelmen laid the smack down on some CB on Randys catch in the 2nd quater.

  • Maroney is running hard-This is what we like to see from Maroney, he ran hard and with a purpose. If he keeps this up, he can be a stud RB.

  • With the being said, lets keep running the ball- The Pats need to run the ball more, they try to get cute by passing too much. Run the ball, control the clock.

  • I like the defense roaming on 3rd down- It seemed to work every time and is a new wrinkle that can mess up QBs. Pressure came easier this way. I would like to see this.

  • Tully Banta Cain came up huge- Another player who stepped it up was Tully. Big Sacks, Big rush, Big time game when the Pats needed him.

  • JETS LOSE, DOLPHINS LOSE!- All the Pats need to do is win 1 or Jets and Dolphins lose 1 and they clinch the division


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let it snow, Go Pats Go....

By: Greg
The weather outside is frightful....
but Sundays are so delightful...
Since we got no place to go.....
Go Pats Go, Go Pats Go, Go Pats Go....

The Bills dont show signs of stopping,
Brady, Welker, Maroney or Watson....
The lights are turn way down low, so
Go Pats Go, Go Pats Go, Go Pats Go....

When the Pats finally kiss the Bills Goodnight,
Buffalo would not put up much a fight....
The Pats will win day, night and in a snow storm,
And all the way home to New England the Pats will be warm....

Bills fans are slowly dying....
and they will all be crying....
But as long as the Pats play in snow....
Go Pats Go, Go Pats Go, Go Pats Go....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wilfork and Warren OUT for Sundays Game, uh oh...

By: Greg

The Patriots are going to be without their two best linemen and run stoppers. Ty Warren and Big Vince Wilfork will not play against the Bills. This is very bad news for the Patriots upfront. The Bills love to run the ball and have two very good backs. Fred Jackson will find a hole and hit it and Marshawn Lynch is a very capable runner (once their starter). With out these two d linemen the Pats will have trouble stopping the run.

The weather is going to be crappy too so the Bills will lean on their run game even more. Last week when Wilfork got hurt the Pats brought in Titus Adams, great name but not a great game. He was pushed off the line with ease. Some one will have to step it up: Mike Wright and Jarvas Green are the two guys that need to. Adalias Thomas might see some time at Defensive End.

Also Fred Taylor is out for the game. Hopefully all three will be back before next week.

Back Room Patriots Prediction Week 15

Where only one bloggler puts his two typing fingers where his money is because we think a bookie got to J.R.

Patriots at Bills +7, O/U 41

By Rocky

Oh, we'll win. We have to. Seriously if we blow this one it isn't just one of those "they don't deserve to go to the postseason" loses, it will be a "mathematically the Dolphins can take us out of the postseason." How did we get from the odds-on favorite to win the Super Bowl in September to we might not be in control of our own destiny before Christmas? We played 14 games, that's how.

On paper the Pats looked invincible headed into the season, but as you've heard before, they don't play football on paper; they play it on the gridiron. And in my hazy recollection of Week 1 (I watched at Hooters, so I was mildly distracted) we looked far superior to the Bills on my computer screen's depth charts but not so much on the TV screen showing the game.

Now we go back to Orchard Park toward the end of the season again, and while winds will only be at 13 mph (as opposed to last's years galestorm), the mercury will be below freezing at the kick. We'll be pounding the ball again and hoping to stop Freddie Jackson. It will be a three-yards-in-a-cloud-of-frost game.

On paper Brady is far superior to Fitzpatrick, Randy Moss (when he isn't running the greatest fake of all time–see below) is more solid than T.O. and Vince Wilfork, if the foot is good to go, wins the pushing match against the interior linemen of Buffalo, single-handedly. But the game will be played on the turf in New York State.

Blauhg Decision: Take the Pats giving the 7 (they need a convincing win to convince themselves that they are in fact winners) and pound the Under (it will be too damn inclimate for a deep aerial attack).


Friday, December 18, 2009

Randy Moss is Actually Selling an Elaborate Pattern

By Rocky,

Shame on you who have been lambasting Randy Moss for "dogging it" last week. Tell me that you aren't so impossibly near-sighted that you don't see the genius behind his assumed lackluster effort? This is part of a plan. The greatest football mind, Bill Belichick, is orchestrating the most elaborate play in the history of the game. It could be sprung this weekend, it might hit in the next few Sundays or he might be waiting for the playoffs, but this is going to occur. Take it away, Joe Buck from the future:

"Moss has been jogging or giving up on his routes entirely for the past few games and it looks like the defense is going to pull their double-team off of Moss and put it on Welker.

"Brady hasn't even so much as looked toward Moss's side of the field this entire half and with the Pats down five with 80 yards to go in a minute, the defense is in a Prevent with their inexperienced corner aligned to Randy's side.

"Well played, as Randy sits down in his route. I mean literally drops Indian-style after a two-yard hitch.

"And this will be it for the game. Brady takes the shotgun snap. Welker screams deep to the left side of the prevent. Moss, with his shoulder pads slumped, is sauntering to the sidelines already–and there is still a few seconds left on the clock. Brady pumps right but the entire defensive secondary has migrated over to Welker. And, what's this? Moss pivots and bolts up the sideline! Moss is wide open on the right. There isn't a defender within 20 yards of Randy as he pulls down Brady's pass and glides into the endzone. How do you not even double one of the best wide receivers of all time? I mean how? Ah, hell, Patriots win! Patriots win on a mammoth effort from Randy Moss–man does he stick with a play!"

Then in the post game press conference.

Reporter: "Coach Belichick, what happened on that last play?"

BB: "Gotcha, bitches."

(ed note: Please don't tell our opponents about this ruse-in-progress. Let's keep this between us, OK?)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Patriots/Panthers Highlights

By: Greg
Its Always good to see the highlights after a win.
Couple Key things from the game:

  • The O Line did a hell of a job protecting Brady and his ribs
  • Pats had a few turnovers in the red zone, the game should have been a blow out
  • Two things that the Pats did well in the game and need to do more of: Get the ball to Ben Watson and run the ball
  • Hanson did not punt the ball well
  • I love Wes Welker and love it when he pumps the crowd up
  • There was a Derrick Burgess sighting

Monday, December 14, 2009

Gameballs vs Panthers

By; Greg
An ugly win. But a win is a win. The defense actually looked pretty solid but the offense was out of sync. Too many times the Pats take it down the field only to have 3rd and short and get nothing then have to punt or go for it on 4th. Pats still need to get heat on the QB, Matt Moore had all day to throw early in the game. The running game looked solid and should be more featured in upcoming games. All in all an ugly win and here are the Blaugh's gameballs:

Offensive: Stephen Gostkowski
In the fourth quarter with less than 8 minutes to go the Pats had two huge drives which stalled, calling on the foot of Stephen Gostkowski. Gost asked BB "Can I kick it"...BB said "YES YOU CAN"

The two FGs were no gimmies. First one was a 48 yarder which put the Pats up by 7 and giving them a little breathing room. The next one was a 47 yarder which gave the Pats a 10 point lead and sealed the victory. Two huge FGs when the Pats needed it the most.

Defensive Gameball: Ty Warren

Seems like every time I gave a Jersey Shore Fist Pump

when the defense was on the field, it was Ty Warren who was making a big play. Ty had 6 tackles on the day and all of them were in key moments or big hits. He had hand in holding the two stud RBs of the Panthers to under 110 yards on the day.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Back Room Patriots Prediction Week 14

Where one bloggler puts his money where his two typing fingers are.

By Rocky

Carolina at the Patriots -13. O/U 44.

Yes, we have lost five of six on the road and, yes, we are at home. Yes the defense is abysmal but we are playing the Panthers led by Matt Moore–quick, what college did he go to? Nope, Oregon State. Yes, we haven't won a game since before Thanksgiving, but we are playing a pretty crap team. We have to win. Here's bulletin board fodder for the Pats from Vic Carucci, "The Patriots are unraveling. Look for Miami to overtake them for the AFC East crown and force them to watch the postseason for the second year in a row." While Belichick might have tried to instill discipline in the troops this week by sending home four players who were late for a meeting, I think the vibe of this team needs to be loose. Yes, I said it, they need to relax.

It's not time for the Patriots to "act like they have been there before" because, well, most of them haven't. The defense often looks confused but more often they look tight. The fun, uptempo offense needs to be played with some flair and panache. I want to see some overt swagger though, I suppose cocksurness comes with having been there before. In that case I hope they, gulp, play like kids out there–no pressure.

Blauhg prediction: The Patriots minus the points and stay away from the o/u.



By: Greg
Four players were sent home on Wednesday for being late to an early morning team meeting, one of them being Adalius Thomas, whom seems like he hasnt been showing up for games at all never mind late. Adalius was not happy with his punishment and sounded off on it on Thursday:

Ok Thomas, look BB is the boss. If you are late go home. If the boss tells you to do something do it. You have been playing like shit since getting here, getting a free pay day. Keep your mouth shut and do something on the field. If you feel like BB is handling the situation wrong, talk to him, not the media.
Thomas has been a big big bust. He hasnt done anything with the Patriots. Maybe Ray Lewis was right, this guy does not fit in systematically. Fast Forward to 1:23

Ray Lewis Responds To Adalius Thomas - Watch more Funny Videos

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Step it up: Pass Rush

By; Greg

When a guy like Chad Henne (and Marinara sauce) can stand in the pocket, recite the pledge of allegiance, do his taxes and then find the open man, it spells doom for the Pats young secondary. Whose fault is this? Well it all falls on the pass rush. The guys whom are the highest paid on the team: Adalius Thomas, Derrick Burgesss, Jarvais Green, Ty Warren and Tully Banta Cain. Tully is off the hook, hes been playing above his head and seems like the only guy on the Pats who touches the quarterback throughout the game.

For all you others on that list.....YOU NEED TO STEP IT UP!

The Pats have a young defensive backfield who cant cover a wideout for 5 seconds never mind 15 seconds. Give us some damn pressure on the quarterback please. Make the QB make a decision. With out a pass rush the Pats wont get out of the first round. Guys like Petyon, Rivers, Palmer will chew this defense up and spit it out if they can read the newspaper in the pocket and then throw the ball.

The Pats have two QBs coming up that they should handle easily in Matt Moore and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Sounds like two guys I met at the bar last weekend but no they are NFL quarterbacks. So if this Pass Rush can not get to these two and make them make mistakes, we have a problem and a big one. So this goes out to you pass rush, STEP IT UP! or the Pats season is done......

Monday, December 7, 2009

Patriots Poetry: "Mighty Brady, the Pat"

Mighty Brady: the Pat

By Rocky (and Ernest Thayer),

The outlook wasn't brilliant for the New England 22 that day:

The score stood 21 to 19, with 3:44 more to play.
And then when a fumble bounced in Miami’s favor and Henne accomplished his aim,
A sickly silence fell upon the patrons of the game.

A straggling few got up to go in deep despair. The rest
Clung to that hope which springs eternal in the human breast;
They thought, if only Brady could get back the ball–
We'd put up even money, now, with Brady making the call.

But the defense was on the field with the Dolphins playing stout,
And the Pats looked pourous with time running almost out;
So New England fans sat stricken grim, melancholy and stern,
For there seemed but little chance of Brady getting his turn.

But the defense held the Fish, and to the wonderment of all,
Coach Belichick used his time-outs wisely to get back the ball;
And when the dust had lifted, and the men saw what had transpired,
There was the Dolphins up two and ready to kick-off to the Pats, as required.

Then from 5,000 throats and more there rose a lusty yell;
It rumbled through the valley, it rattled in the dell;
It knocked up the east coast and recoiled up to Maine,
For Brady, mighty Brady, was heading back into the game.

There was ease in Brady’s manner as he stepped into his place;
There was pride in Brady’s bearing and “let’s do this” look on Brady’s face.
And when, drowning out Miami’s jeers, he quickly checked his wristband,
No stranger in the crowd could doubt 'twas Brady in full command.

Ten thousand eyes were on him as he broke the huddle with a clap;
Five thousand tongues salivated when he accepted the center’s shotgun snap.
Then while the Dolphins defense fired their line at him like a rocket,
Defiance gleamed in Brady's eye, as he dropped back sure-footed in the pocket.

And with the leather-covered sphere poised, waiting to be thrown into the air,
Brady stood going through his progressions in haughty grandeur there.
Deep outside the fleet-footed receivers unheeded sped–
"That ain't my style," said Brady throwing short to Morris. "Gain of 11" the announced said.

From the couches of Patriots' fans there went up a muffled roar,
Like the beating of the storm-waves on a stern and distant shore.
"Take a deep shot! Take a deep shot!” shouted many on barstool seats;
And its likely they'd all wing it long, had they been in Brady’s cleats.

With a sneer of a Protestant work ethic great Brady’s visage shone;
He signalled for no-huddle; he didn’t want the defense to send substitutes on;
He signaled to the center, and once more the pigskin flew;
And this time Brady went deep right to Aiken–

But they missed the connection and the downmarker read, "Two."

"Flag!" cried the maddened thousands, and echo answered flag;
But one scornful look from Brady and the audience did gag.
They saw his face grow stern and cold, they saw his muscles strain,
And they knew that Brady wouldn't let that the opportunity go by again.

The sneer is gone from Brady's lip, his teeth are clenched in detest;
He barks with cruel violence his cadence upon the rest.
And now Brady holds the ball, and now he lets it go,
And now the air is shattered by the force of Brady’s throw.

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children giggle louder;
But there is no joy in New England­–mighty Brady threw it to Channing Crowder.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Defense, you suck

By: Greg

This defense is pathetic. Chad Henne and his crew of no name wide receivers beating them time after time. Is this team really suppose to compete for anything?? They suck.

The Patriots go 0 and 5 now on the road. They had thier chances, the offense moved the ball but the defense could not stop a pop warner team.

Time after time they would be beat on a easy pass by Chad Henne, a crappy crappy quarterback.

Is this season over?

No. But this defense is not a playoff defense and isnt even close to being a superbowl defense. Step it up defense, you should be ashamed.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

How big is this game???

By: Greg
The Patriots travel to Miami to take on Ricky Williams and the Phins. You ask how big is this game? Well it is a HUGE HUGE GAME.

1. First off the Pats are coming off a loss and must bounce back and get a victory. Back to back losses are not something the Patriots do with BB and if they do this week it could be a big set back for the team.

2. It is a division game. Win and the Pats are up two games with not many remaining. Lose and the Jets and Phins stand only one game back and the division is up for grabs.

3. On the Road. The Pats are 0 and four on the road so they need a win to gain confidence and prove they can travel and win. Another loss on the road could spell dooom.

4. Brady in Miami. Tom Brady has trouble in Miami. He is 3-4 in Miami for his career.

5. Tie Breaker for the second/third seed. Both the Chargers and the Bengals will win easy this weekend, so the Pats need to keep pace by winning. Also there are numerous things the Phins game does for the Pats in terms of tie breakers. Two of the top tiebreakers are conference record and common opponents. Well this is a conference game and both the chargers and the Bunglas have played the Phins.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Back Room Patriots Prediction Week 13

Where one bloggler puts his two typing fingers where his money is while the other is too busy watching MTV's "Jersey Shore," seriously JR?

Patriots -6.5 at Dolphins O/U 47

By Rocky

The line opened at 6.5 and shimmied down to even 3.5 at a few bookmakers. Why? Well, the Pats haven't proven that they can win on the road and maybe Vegas thinks that the Saints exposed a few chinks in the Pats' armor. Chad Henne is no Drew Brees and Ted Ginn Jr. is no Marques Colston+Devery Henderson+Robert Meachem. Sure, Miami can run the ball (they are ranked 3rd in the League) but that's not going to be enough. The Pats aren't sure what went wrong against the Saints and like a dumped guy who didn't see it coming they are looking for answers and their identity. And this Sunday they will be on the rebound and using anyone (Stanback, Green-Ellis, Edelman?) to score. Brady and Welker looked pissed last week and Moss looked indifferent; I see them all focused this weekend and ready to f-...err...squish the fish. I just don't get Sin City's lines sometimes. I liked the line at 6.5 and I love it at 3.5.

Blauhg Prediction: Pats minus-whatever points you can get and the Under.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cocktail Napkin Comments: Saints

--Your 2009 New Orleans Saints.

By Rocky

Things I scribbled on my cocktail napkins during last night’s game:

We brought a potato gun to an air raid.

It’s our fault that the Over didn’t hit.

Me @ 8:32 PM: “Is that a Mike McKenzie sighting? Ha, ha, he’s still in the league?”

The same old bunch of Maroney: he looks stellar then turns into himself.

Welker looks legit wicked pissed for most of the second half.

" ." that was where I wrote defense, but it didn’t show up here either.

Not even Wilfork-and-Knife has much of a presence.

We can’t say that we didn’t have a chance to block a perfect season–twice.

Who Dat? Dat’s Darnell Dinkin, a third string tight end, catching his first pass of the season for a tuddy. Sounds familiar…

Oh, we still probably take the AFC East.

Now what do we think of the Seymour dealing? Maybe this isn’t our year (though Vegas sure thought so) and we have a top-5 pick for next season.