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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bad Bowl: Jets at Colts. Who's a Patriots Fan to Root For?

By Rocky:

Tomorrow at 3 two of the Patriots rivals play in the AFC Championship game and unfortunately one will go onto to the Super Bowl. The question I have been asked is will I watch (heck, yes, we only have three more football games left–sorry Pro Bowl) and which hated team will I root for (it’s complicated).

RFP, Rocky’s Favorite Player:

I really respect Manning. I almost wish such a tactician was around when we were awful so I could willingly back him. Many of us who are smarter than we are athletic have to love the way he calls a game, there aren’t many other athletes across all sports who’s biggest physical attribute is above their jaw line (was going to go with shoulders but some players talk a bigger game than they play). How exciting has every Pats/Colts game been in the past decade? My biggest wish is for Manning to become the next Doc Rivers: played for a Celtics rival, the Knicks, and then went on to coach the Boston team. If, say, Manning has three more years under center and Belichick has five more with the headphones on, wouldn’t it be amazing if Belichick taps him to apprentice as offense coordinator of the Pats for two years?

Yes, Brady is pretty heady and built our dynasty but for some reason I see him taking some time when his time is through as a player. And he’s too pretty not to be in a studio until he decides what to do with the other half of his life.

Also because I prefer Brady to Manning I don’t want Manning to get another chance at a ring this decade. Honestly I think that Manning had more to work with than Brady. For history’s sake when fans look back at the early 2000’s I don’t want a discussion about how Brady won three rings and Manning won two. I prefer them to see that Peyton and Brad Johnson hoisted the Lombardi the same number of times. Or better yet him and his awful little brother, Eli.
The other non-Pats player that I respect the most is Darrelle Revis. His shut-downess is ridiculous and from the wide receivers he negated this year includes a few–arguably four–Hall of Famers. He also plays a mind-game (I’m really turning into a nerd) because his strength comes from his tireless commitment to studying game film. And aside from calling Moss a “slouch,” which I tend to agree with, he’s been the classiest of opponents. Still can’t believe that he didn’t win the Defensive MVP award…

Jim Caldwell. See above on Manning. If he’s this good as a player coach… 

Sexy Rexy Ryan. I have a thing for fat guys (thank god I’m straight) and still I want to hate him for his mood swings. But how can someone who hasn’t been there before as a head coach act like he has? I was curious to see how his defense would be without Ray Lewis this season and the answer is better than Ray Lewis’s defense­–the best in all of football. He’s done a masterful job along with the young Schottenheimer who orchestrated the best running attack and managed the excitable rookie Sanchize in the toughest position in the toughest media/fanbase city in the country.
I prefer this:

To this:


Bigger than the Game:
A month ago Ryan said this after the Jets lost to go to 7-7: “This is tough, because we're obviously out of the playoffs. We thought we had a great chance to make it to the playoffs. This is hugely disappointing.” Look at them now. If the Jets go to the Super Bowl it will make one of New York’s most quotable, Yogi Berra, who once muttered, “It ain’t over till it’s over," a true sage. The 2009 Jets are a great American underdog story–like 'em or not.
With 19-0, immortality and the chance to never have to see one of the lame ’72 Dolphins drink Asti Spumanti again, the Colts laid down to Jets to remain healthy for the postseason. If they go on to win it will be a mold to future undefeated teams going away. If they lose we will be treated to competitive Week 16s going forward. Also because they let the Jets in the backdoor, like the Bengals who did the same, we may see karma helping the white and the green.

Blauhg Decision:

I’ll channel our buddy Mahk JR in rooting for the “Goodyear blimp to crash into Peyton's Place,” (see Hindenburg) but for the reasons above and because Mahk JR is a Jets fan and he’s been gracious during the Patriots’ decade I’m going to be drinking beers (the Kool-Aid?) from green bottles tomorrow.