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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cocktail Napkin Notes: a BIG loss

By: Greg

The Pats lost a 14 point lead on the big deal. The Pats loss Wes "Waterbug" Welker....huge deal. If the Pats are without Welker for the playoffs, say goodbye to your superbowl dreams. Here are some cocktail napkin notes from the game....

  • Please BB sit everyone that is important (hindsight: well that didnt work)

  • Derick Burgess is starting to step it up, hes getting to the quarterback and making plays. He could be key in the Pats playoff run.

  • (after welker went down) WHY PLAY WELKER, WHY WHY WHY!!!!! That could be the Pats season if he doesnt come back for the playoffs

  • Edelmen played well, very well and is going to have to come up big if Welker is a no go.

  • Sammy Morris made some key blocks in protection of Tom Brady's BBQ ribs. Time after time Morris would pick up a key blitz.

  • Great play by Shawn Springs on 4th and goal, jammed Johnson at the line. Springs is starting to play well and can be a corner to match up with bigger receivers in the playoffs

  • Pollard has something vs the Patriots. I hate him.

  • Kris Brown equals Ray Finkle

  • Tully Banta Cain has been the best pass rusher on the Pats all season and hasnt slowed down one bit
  • Every time Brady drops back to pass I found my self saying " Oh God, Oh God, Oh God"
  • Edelmen is the mini Welker, and not just because he is white
  • Fred Taylor looked good, the running game will be big in the playoffs and if taylor is running like he did today the Pats will advance
  • Burgess AGAIN!
  • Brain Hoyer looks like a capable back up. He moved well in the pocket and I had confidence that he would march us down the field.
  • A tough loss being up 14 in the 4th butttt we werent playing with a full deck, so no big deal. Might hurt the momentum.
  • LETS GO CINCY! I dont want Chargers in round 2. Go BUNGALS beat the JETS!

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