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Thursday, January 7, 2010

NFL Live give us Keys for the Patriots and I give you mine

By: Greg

I dont know about you but I am pumped. Its playoff time. I can not wait for Sunday at 1 O'clock. Playoff time is when players need to step up their game, well I also think its when fans need to step up their game. I have been reading, watching, listening to everything I can about this game. Below is a nice video from ESPN where the NFL Live Crew breaks down the keys for the Patriots.

Tedy Bruschi’s offensive key: Finding other weapons

Bruschi’s defensive key: Getting to Flacco

Mark Schlereth’s defensive key: Stopping Rice and McGahee

Greg’s Offensive Key: Establish and keep a running game. Stop being flashy with the pass and pound it with the run

Greg’s Defensive Key: Make the Ravens left handed, meaning they can run the ball effectively so take away the run and make them pass with Jersey Joe.

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