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Thursday, January 28, 2010


By: Greg

Dean Pees has offically flewn his way over to Baltimore to become part of the Ravens. While the Pats said he wasnt fired, how come he took a lower position (linebacking coach) with the Ravens. Pees depature leaves the defensive coordinator job open.

The possibilities: Matt Patricia (Linebacking coach), an outside hire, leave the position open (like they did with the offensive coordinator last year) or Pepper Johnson (D- Line Coach). Pepper has seemed to be gaining steam in the odds to be the next D Coordinator.

Pepper has been with BB for over 12 years and knows the defense inside and out. He also played in the same defense for a chunk of his playing career.

Vince Wilfork is not being shy about wanting Pepper as the next D Coordinator from ESPN Boston:

"Playing under him, I want to see him as coordinator, I think he deserves it," Wilfork said. "He has all the tools to be one.""He is a player's coach and a big part of that is that he actually played the game, A lot of things happen on the field, and because he's been in the same predicament as us, he understands exactly what we see and how blocking schemes develop. It's real easy to play for a coach like that. It also makes it a lot easier for a group of guys in a room, when somebody is talking to them about playing a certain technique, or a fit here, when it's coming from a guy who has done it. So those are different people -- the Xs' and O's and then somebody talking X's and O's who has played the game and understands it, like Pepper."

Pepper also seems to be a prime canidate for the New York G-Men job. The New York Post says both sides are extremely interested. 
Pepper has also said that if he was not asked to be defensive coordinator he would be upset and thinks he deserves it.
My thoughts on this are that the Pats should go with him. He seems like an up and comer and a long time BB desciple. If he isnt offered the Pats job he could easily grab another defensive coordinator job. The players love him, and hes got character.

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