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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Report: Welker tore both ACL and MCL

By: Greg

In a meaningless game Wes Welker was not giving rest and tore both his ACL and MCL. He will now be out for 6-12 months. This injury is the same as Brady had.
What a stupid move by BB to have Wes Welker who has been getting killed all year to play in a meaningless game and pretty much crush the hopes of the Patriots going on to win the super bowl.

The absence of Welker means that mini Welker- Julian Edelman has to step it up. Edelman had a solid game today but before todays game did not catch a ball for a few games. Julian has talent but does not come close to being Welker.
What a dumb move to have Welker play. Plain Stupid.


  1. Oh for fuck's sake. Why did we play any starters tonight ? 3rd v 4th seed is meaningless.

    The way things are going at the moment, we'll be at home to the Steelers. Without Wes, we'll lose, whereas with him I thought we had half a chance to win in Indianapolis or San Diego.

  2. I think the problem starting with the the pats losing the sb to the giants has been and continues to be mainly BB. He seems to have lost some type of balance (strategic, psychological, whatever) in the way he coaches. It's like he is overthinking everything and is just not making the right calls when they matter. The 4th and 1 call with Indy was just one case in point. The way he played Brady today is another. The idea that you would take him out in the high risk passing plays but then have him in on other plays is silly. If the game does not really matter, why are you playing your franchise QB with 3 broken ribs? There is injury potential on any play not too mention that musical QBs lacks continuity. I don't understand playing Brady, Moss, Welker, or any of the other key players today. Let the 2nd stringers play a real game and get them tuned up for the playoffs if they end up being needed. BB is a great believer in the "what have you done for me lately", all-business approach to the game. That's fine, but it is getting to the point where Pats' fans are going to start asking the same question of him.

  3. omg... talk about arm chair quarterbacks... his injury could have happened in ANY game... it's just unfortunate that it was this one ... at this time.... one player not a team makes... they can still win without's just too bad he has worked so hard all season and that this has to happen at the end.... he'll be back next season better then ever!!! my thoughts are with you Wes! GO PATS!!!

  4. But his injury happened in a meaningless game!

  5. No reason for him to play. Hes been banged up all season. Give him a week to rest for the playoffs. Plain stupid to play him, Moss and Brady.