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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shonn Greene: The one who got away

By: Greg
If you have been watching the playoffs, you know that Shonn Greene the rookie Jets running back from Iowa is the talk of the NFL. After playing sparingly in the regular season, the Jets have really leaned on him as their primary runner in the playoffs. Shonn ran for 540 yards in the regular season but running at a 5 yards a carry clip. In his two playoff games Shonn has ran for 128 and 135 yards respectively and totaling two touchdowns. Shonn sealed the game last week with a 53 yard break away touchdown.

So Blaugh why are you talking about Shonn Greene on a Patriots Blog? Well because he should have been on the Patriots. Last draft there was a need for running back help and many experts thought that the Pats would select a running back in the draft. Greene was suppose to be a first round pick last year but fell to the third round. Meaning the Patriots had four picks to snag the explosive runner and give Brady some relief in the backfield. But the Pats passed over Greene with every pick. They seemed steadfast in their ways of bringing in old veterans and trying to make due with them (Fred Taylor, Sammy Morris) and trying one more time to salvage Laurence Maroney. Unfortunately that did not work. The Pats could have had their running back for the next decade but decided to get cute. This year better be different, Brady needs an explosive back behind him to keep defenses honest. I am hoping this year the Patriots will get out of their ways and select a stud running back in the draft.
But with that being said, I am Greene with envy for the Jets running back.

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