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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tough Call

By: Greg
This game is going to be tough, to root for. Should the Pats sit their starters and let them have rest? Should the Pats lay down, in hopes of getting the fourth seed and in my opinion an easier path to the Super Bowl? Its a tough call.

On one hand the Pats have Mr. Momentum on their side. They are feeling good about themselves, so should they keep rolling and keep the starters in?

On the other hand they have players who need their rest and some of them are going to get it. These players are inactive today:

I think that the Pats should sit most of their other healthy starters to let them heal up and get rest especially if they have to play early Saturday (please NO!).

Do we want the third or fourth seed?

I personally want the fourth seed. Why? Because I think the 2nd seed Chargers (who the Pats would play if they are the 3rd seed in the second round) are the best team in the NFL right now. They are rolling and no one is talking about them. The Colts have been sitting starters for two weeks now so that would be three weeks of no playing, they will be cold, we did dominate them in the first 3 quarters and I believe that the Pats can beat them.

So why cheer for a Pats win today?

Well because its our instinct. It what we do. When the Pats are playing we are cheering and cheering hard. Will I be breaking chairs and punching wall? No, I ll wait for the playoffs for those actions but I will be cheering hard. The wings are in the fryalotor, the beer is in the snow being chilled and the Jersey is on the back. So go Pats! Beat the Texans!

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