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Monday, January 11, 2010

What In the David Blaine Happened to the Patriots?

By Rocky

The Patriots were the best team of the 2000’s because of four things: Belichick, Brady, defense and kicking. In their last gasp of the 2009 season all four failed. I’m not mad or even stunned, just uncomfortably numb. How can one disparage any of the above four when I’d take our guys over their’s every single time? Belichick didn’t appear to have an effective game plan. Brady looked like Jersey Joe Flacco did most of the season, handing the other team the win. Our top-rated running defense was beat by a one-dimensional offense. And when our only hope rested on Gostkowski’s leg he missed.

But if there were a head-to-head draft and you could take: Belichick or Harbaugh, you’d take BB. Brady or Flacco, you’d take Brady. Our D or the Ryan-less Ravens D, might be the toughest decision but I prefer our secondary. And our Pro Bowler kicking at home versus whomever the Ravens trot out, goes to the Gost. Yet yesterday proves what’s great (and terrible for us this weekend) about football: as the Willie Beaman flick says on any given Sunday any team can put it together. I don’t want to come off as ungracious as the Ravens, indeed, make it happen on all fronts so I won’t think about other Sundays that played out in parallel universes.

I did write down notes during the game but now that I look at them they read sort of like a suicide note–if the blog had a Twitter account then our mother might have called the authorities. Here’s a taste: “We are playing like the ‘Too Light’ portions of those Bud Light commercials;” “I’m making rally bacon;” “Just got a text from a Balitmore area code and I told them to ‘Faulk Off’;” “My friend took my belt and shoelaces but I stashed my dental floss to hang myself with if Brady turns it over again!”

Rationally, the day after (with a soberer mind) we went into the season being Vegas’s favorite to win the Super Bowl and on paper we looked amazing but in practice we knew we were in trouble since the Bills almost beat us in the opener. We’ve grown accustom to the Patriots’ magic though this entire season has played out like David Blaine’s last few debacles. Going forward I don’t think we need to move on from the core that made us successful in the past–but we do need to learn a few new tricks.

More thoughts to come and we here at the Blauhg would like to give a guest spot to one of you readers. If you have a rant or uplifting rave please send it to (send either a pic of yourself or what photo you’d like to go with your entry) and we’ll give the best a pulpit this week while we all search for answers. Thank you for devoted following and we’ll get through this together, that’s what communities are all about. We’ll be here throughout the off-season we hope you’ll be here too. 


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  1. amazing...still don't understand what happened to the pats on sunday...they decided to play their worst preformance as a team (with brady) in over five years...its very obvious we need some gamebreakers on offense....everyone loves welker but even if he comes back like the same old wes after rehabing the knee he still only has a few seasons left...we need to get stronger, faster, and younger at wide reicever....we have the best qb maybe ever so lets get him some serious weapons for him this draft instead of stocking up late and future draft picks....