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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ex-Patriot Kyle Eckel to play in Super Bowl but why and how.....

By: Greg
As we watch the Super Bowl this Sunday there are a few Ex-Patriots to watch. One of them being former Navy standout fullback Kyle Eckel. After graduating from the Naval Academy dead last in his class and being called the "anchor" of the class, Eckel had hopes on being drafted into the NFL. Eckel was not drafted but was signed as an undrafted free agent in 2005 by the Patriots. He did not play that season and was waived.  He had a second stint with the Pats in 2007 playing in a few games even scoring two TDs that year. He was later cut, played for the Cowboys, cut again and then picked up by the Saints in 2009.

Now you are thinking this guy went to the Naval Academy that means made the choice to serve his country and he must fulfill his duty to the country after graduating. He graduated in 2005 and has been playing football pretty much straight through. So where does the miltary obligation all fit in? No one seems to know. Eckel asked to be let go of his obligations and the Naval Academy declined. He then asked to be have to only serve 2 years (instead of the normal five) for students of unique abilities. This is what David Robinson (basketball hall of famer) did. Well the Naval Academy did more than that. They gave him full release of his commitment. Why? Not because he had special abilities but because of some murky details that no one seems to be able to find out.

Eckel was given involuntary separation, or as Donald Trump you say “YOUR FIRED” and must pay his full tuition back.
Gregg Doyel of CBS Sports has some details on the story:

“Nine months before his involuntary separation from the Navy, in February 2006, Eckel walked in on a former teammate having sex with a woman, sex that was later determined to be "indecent assault" and resulted in the teammate serving two years in the brig. Eckel wasn't charged with a crime, but the timing is curious, especially in conjunction with this: In an unrelated incident in August 2006, a woman accused Eckel of pushing her to the ground outside an Annapolis, Md., nightclub, breaking her arm. Police investigated, witnesses disputed her description of the events, and no charges were filed against Eckel.”

Still Eckel and the Navy are saying nothing:

“In civilian terms, the Navy fired Kyle Eckel -- and to this day, nobody will say why. Not the Navy, which declined interview requests through the Pentagon, and not people within the Navy football program, who deferred the question to Eckel. And not Eckel himself. He's not saying.”

I'll be rooting for the Saints, not sure if Ill be rooting for this guy.

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