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Friday, February 5, 2010

Gambling on the Super Bowl: Alternative to super bowl squares

By: Greg
Sunday marks a national holiday, the Super Bowl. An all day food, beer and football fest. Just because the Patriots are not in the big game does not mean that the Super Bowl will be uninteresting. What is one way to make it interesting? Gambling.

Super Bowl is one of the biggest gambling days all year. Vegas and off shore books have a ton of action on the game. Well what happens if you are not in Vegas and you do not have an off shore betting account? You play super bowl squares in your office or local bar…..WRONG. Squares are boring, they take no strategy, and if you get stuck with numbers 5,9, or 8 you are shit out of luck.

Here are some other “games” you can play with a group of friends instead of square or betting off shore:

Fantasy Super Bowl:

Just like fantasy football. Gather as many friends as you like. Randomize draft the draft order and start picking players. Have a snake draft so if you have five teams, the number five pick will get the 5th and 6th pick.

Heres is the points I use:

6 For Rushing or Receiving Touchdown

3 for Passing TD

1 for every 10 rushing/receiving yards

1 for every 30 passing yards

1 for every catch

1 for every tackle

1 for XP 3 for FG

3 for Interception

Go for as many rounds until the players are used up. Each team will put a certain amount of money in the pot and winner gets all. This game will keep you interested in every play and rooting for guys like Jamie Silva to make a tackle on special teams.

Prop Bet sheet

Gather your friends and make up a bunch of prop bets such as: how long will the national anthem last? Who will score the first TD? Who will be the MVP? What will happen first a TD or a turnover? Will Tim Tebows commercial come before or after halftime? Ect.

Tally up the score at the end of the party winner gets all

Fill the Hat

Get a hat, get singles (dollars that is) and get some friends. The person who has the hat makes up the rule such as the word “first down”. After every play the person with the hat passes the hat to the person to the right, that person now must put a dollar in the hat. The hat keeps on getting passed until a first down happens. When the first down happens who ever is holding the hat gets the money in the hat and a new word is chosen.

Other words you can use: Touchdown, Punt, Turnover, fumble, field goal, ect.

You can do it for commercials too, if you say Budweiser commercial, pass the hat every time there is a new commercial pass the hat until a Budweiser commercial is played.

You can also have more than on hat going at the same time.

Alternative to super bowl squares.

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