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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Moss played hurt all season

By: Greg
People often questioned Randy Moss' toughness, heart and desire this season. One reason why it could have looked like Randy was playing like, well crap, could be his season long shoulder injury. Reports are that Randy played with a seperated shoulder since week 5. He injured the shoulder against the Broncos where he only had 1 catch.

Without Moss the Patriots would be a different offense so give kudos to Moss for toughing it out. The Pats would not have had a deep threat without Moss and defenses would have only had to take away Welker for them to stop the Pats. With Moss in there, even if he was injured, defenses needed to play a safety over the top opening up space for Welker and the running game. If Moss sat out that would have propelled Sam Aiken, and Julian Edelman into the starting lineup, which would have made the Patriots starting three widerecievers one of the worst groups in the league.
Still many people are saying that the Pats should trade or let Randy go. This talk is ridiculous. Randy opens up the field for every part of the offense. The Pats need to think about adding a third reciever rather than letting thier number one reciever go.


  1. Anyone that thinks Randy should leave this team has little or no football knowlege. And they could use a quality third receiver..

  2. Randy is over the hill

  3. If the Pats can get a legtimate number 2 WR to go along with welka and moss were in good shape