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Monday, February 1, 2010

Sexy Rexy gives Miami the bird

By: Greg
Hate him, or love him, this guy is quite the character. I love the guys personalty, he is quite entertaining but being a Jets coach...I guess I have to hate him. Rex has made headlines over the past year: from saying I will not kiss BB's rings, saying he is out of the playoffs when he wasnt, declaring his team the team to beat in the playoffs and now to this. Over the weekend Sexy Rexy made an apperence in Miami and had some words and fingers for Dolphins fans....


Sexy Rexy is not shy by all means. It will be fun having this guy in the Pats conference for years to come. Keep up the good work Rex.


  1. Obviously you're not comin to beat them twice since you play one at home and one away. Him and jets fans are way too cocky

  2. Rex is great! Between him and the drafting the Jets have done we'll unfortunately be in their jet stream for a while. Lol... that's why most in NE dislike him. They've done some good stuff down there.