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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

stallWORTH it? Should Patriots bring Donte Stallworth back?

By: Greg

Donte Stallworth who was suspened for a dui resulting in a death this past season was reinstated on Sunday. After being reinstated the Browns then cut the former Patriot, making him a free agent.

Which makes an interesting option for a return to New England. The Patriots have a huge hole at the 3rd wide receiver spot and Stallworth could fill that role.

Lets take a look at the positives and negatives of bringing Donte back:


• PR Hit: Stallworth killed a man, does not look good for Kraft and the Pats

• He has been out of football for over a year


• Stallworth has played the third WR role with the Patriots and played pretty well

• He knows the offense, he knows Brady (something Galloway did not) and he knows the Patriots way

• He will be cheap. After leaving the Patriots he signed a big deal with the Brown at 35 mill but now with the record and not playing a year he wont get much more than league minimum

My take is to bring him back for a one year deal. Stallworth worked well with Brady, can stretch the field and also catch some quick screens. He was part of the record breaking 2007 offense. Low risk, high reward.

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