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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alge Crumpler, Welcome to the Pats

By: Greg
The Patriots have lost Ben Watson and Chris Baker to free agency leaving the team with no real Tight Ends on the roster. Now they have one, an old one but one. The Boston Globe reports that the Patriots and Alge Crumpler have come to terms on a contract. Alge last played for the Oilers.
Crumpler is a big body who can do a solid job of blocking. His recieving skills were once pretty damn good with the Dog Catcher Mike Vick but have since declined. Last season he compiled 27 catches for 222 yards and 1 tuddy.
He automatically becomes the Pats number one TE, well because the other guys are.......yea.....ummmm......Robbie Agnoine and Rob Myers. The Pats will most likely find a pass catching threat either in the draft or via trade (Greg Olsen/Chris Cooley).
While Alge is getting up there on age, he can help the Pats with his veteran expirence and his blocking skills. We know one thing he is an upgrade over our TEs on the roster now.

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