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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Make it Rain: Patriots re sign Banta Cain

By: Greg
While every Patriot fan was hoping for a different pass rusher to be signed but the Pats went and resigned Tully Banta Cain to a three year deal worth about 13.5 million. Tully Banta Cain can now make it rain. Banta Cain on his new deal:

"I was just happy, It was a long day, and it's been a long process to get it done. I'm just relieved really. Now I can just focus on the football part of it. The business part of it is pretty much done."
"Where I was at last year and where I was at this year, I'm in a different place now. I think the perseverance that you have to go through ... there is always going to be some kind of adversity and it's something that you have to go through in this business. I've treaded some rocky waters and I'm glad now that I know where I'm going to be and I've gotten through a lot of it."
On coming back to the Pats:
"I was honored to get the opportunity to come back. Not many people get to come back to where they originally started. It was definitely a big opportunity for me and I always looked at it that way. I really wanted to make the most of the season this year. Despite the way things turned out for the team overall, I was able to have a significant role in the season and I'm definitely satisfied with where I ended up because of where I started. It was a great experience to come back and now I'm really looking forward to my future here...
I love it here. That was the whole reason why we didn't want it to get that point where I would have to go to the free-agent market. My goal was to get something done here. I'm really glad that it happened."

While its not the eye poping move of bringing in a guy like Peppers, it is a good move. Banta Cain was the Patriots best pass rusher by far. He was the only real threat on the edge game in and game out. Last season he lead the team with 10 sacks, he also had 54 tackles and two forced fumbles. Now the Pats need to find a compliment to him on the otehr side to get after the QB. 

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