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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

McNabb rumored to be traded to Da Raiiider

By: Greg
Dona Donavan McNabb is rumored to be headed to da Raiiiders via trade. Wait is this a Patriots Blog? Yes, yes it is. Then why are you talking about Da Raiiders and the Iggles? Well, because the Patriots have da Raiiders number one pick next year.

With Jamarcus Russell under QB that pick could be a top three pick, because all Jamarcus can do is eat doughnuts and throw the ball to the wrong team. If da Raiiiders do turn this trade that means they will be that much better.

McNabb could instantly make that team a playoff team, with the running backs and defensive talent they already have in place. Thus moving a Top three pick into a mid twenties which is a severe drop in talent.

So let’s cross our fingers that old Al Davis forgets he has Jamarcus Russell under center and does not pull the trigger on this trade.

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