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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mike Vrabel would love to be back

By: Greg
Last season OLB Mike Vrabel was traded to the Cheifs along with Matt Cassell for a draft pick. The Patriots missed his leadership on and off the field, they also missed his rush from the edge. After playing one season in for the Cheifs, Vrabel would welcome a return to the Pats in a heartbeat:

“I’d go back in a heartbeat. Why wouldn’t I?” Vrabel said....“I’m not too proud to say I’d go back there,”
But he does not think the Patriots would feel the same way...
“Put it this way: I’d go back, but I highly doubt they’d want me back.”.....“That’s Bill’s deal. Bill decides and makes those decisions and makes those calls. You’ll have to ask him. He didn’t give me a reason.”

Would the Pats want Vrabel back? Why not. The reason they shed him in the trade was because of his high salary. Now Vrabel would have to settle for a lot less money. If you can get a guy who knows the system, knows the locker room and can still play why not sign him to a 2 year deal for cheap money. He would be a  great leader, that the Pats sorely missed last season.

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