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Friday, March 5, 2010

Patriots eye Derrick Mason

By: Greg
Third wide reciever is one of the Patriots main needs this off season and rumors have been swirling that the Patriots are looking at veteran wide out Derrick Mason. Mason may be up there in age but he is still extremely productive. The last three seasons Mason has had over 1000 yards and 5 plus tuddies. Those yards are with Jersey Joe Flacco and other bums throwing the rock to him.

Mason would be a perfect complement to Randy and Welker. Randy is the deep threat, Welker is underneath and Mason is a sticks wide receiver (meaning he catches most of his balls at the first down sticks). He is a possession receiver that would be a perfect third option for Brady.  Mason considered retirement but had second throughts. He probaly has a few years left and would benifit being the third option and catching balls from Brady.

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