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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Patriots to play on Thanksgiving

By: Greg
Rumor has it that the Jets have accepted an invitation to play Thanksgiving night which in turn means the Pats will play the Lions on Thanksgiving.  So this year instead of taking your annual Lions game nap, you'll have to wait a little bit on loading up the the tripdafan and turkey to watch the Pats take on Detriot.
While I always like Sunday games, I do not mind this at all.
 1. It gives me a reason to watch the Lions on Thanksgiving
2. It gives the Pats a long week to heal up after the game, which is at the end of the season
3. Instead of cheering on my fanasy lineup or laying down some cash on a Lions/Bears game I get to root for the Pats
4. It will be one game all season I get to watch with the whole family
5. The Lions suck

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