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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2010 NFL Mock Draft: The Patriots Blauhg edition

By: Greg
It is finally here, draft season. One of my favorite events of the year. I finally got around to making the Patriots Blauhg's mock draft version 1.

1. St. Louis (1-15)

Sam Bradford QB Okla

The Rams must draft a QB because they are in full rebuilding mode. Just released Bulger makes room for a rookie QB in Bradford.

2. Detroit (2-14)

Ndamaking Suh, DT, Nebraska

The Kittens will have a dominate defensive line in bringing in Suh

3. Tampa Bay (3-13)

Gerald McCoy DT Okla

Either one of the stud DT would be perfect here for the Buccs

4. Washington (4-12)

Russell Okung OT

Before the signing of McNabb, the skins prob would have went QB here but McNabb puts them right in the mix for a super bowl. Look for the Skins to protect that asset with a OT

5. Kansas City (4-12)

Bryan Bulaga OT

Former Pats head scot pioli knows how to draft and knows what position to draft, the CHEFS go with a OT here

6. Seattle (5-11)

Trent Williams OT

Seattle needs desperate help on the offensive line and it starts with the draft. Seattle will jump on the highest rated OT left here

7. Cleveland (5-11)

Eric Berry S Tenn

The Browns would be dancing in the streets if Berry falls to 7. He is one of the top players in the draft and could be an instant game changer.

8. Oakland (5-11)

Jason Pierre Paul- DE

Pierre Paul is an absolute beast and is crazy athletic. Al Davis will fall in love with his athleticism and reach on him here

9. Buffalo (6-10)

Jimmy Clausen QB Norte Dame

Buffalo will be a bad bad football team this year. The rebuilding starts here and they grab what I think the best QB in the draft here.

10. Jacksonville (7-9)

Joe Haden CB Fla

The Jags need corner back help and go with a homebody in the corner out of Fla

11. Denver (from Chicago 7-9)

Rolando McClain- ILB

I could see McDaniel’s going for Dez Bryant here but LB is too much of a need to pass up on McClain

12. Miami (7-9)

Dan Williams DT

Miami needs to fill the gap in the defensive after Fergersen left. Williams fills that hole

13. San Francisco (8-8)

Earl Thomas- CB

The Niners need secondary help. Thomas could be an instant starter for Singeltary.

14. Seattle (from Denver 8-8)

Derek Morgan DE Gtech

The Seahawks already filled offensive line with their first pick and now go with defensive line with their second pick.

15. New York Giants (8-8)

Bruce Campbell OT

Campbell is the mystery of the draft. He is an animal athletically but on game tape not so much. The Giants take a chance hoping their coaches can make him into a player.

16. Tennessee (8-8)

Brandon Graham OLB/DE

With the departures of Kearse and Vanden bosh there is a need for a pass rusher on the Titans. Brandon might be the best of the bunch.

17. San Francisco (from Carolina 8-8)

CJ Spiller- RB Clemson

The Niners get two picks in the top 17 and now most NFL teams are going to a two back system. Gore and Spiller would be one of the best combos in the league.

18. Pittsburgh (9-7)

Mike Iupati OG- Idaho

The Steelers had one of the worst offensive in the league last season. Who knows whom the line will be protecting this year but they need help.

19. Atlanta (9-7)

Sean Witherspoon OLB/DE

Hotlanta could use a pass rusher just like many teams, while they hope Graham will fall, Witherspoon will do just fine.

20. Houston (9-7)

Ryan Matthews- RB Fresno

Steve Slaton had a horrible sophomore year, Matthews will come right away and compete for a spot. Houston again could have an awesome offense with Matthews, Johnson and Shaub.

21. Cincinnati (10-6)

Dez Bryant WR- OK State

If Dez actually falls this low the Bungals would love it. Dez and Chad would not only be a terrific one two on the field but also will be great off the field. A steal if you ask me.

22. New England (10-6)

The Pats have four picks in the first two rounds and have a lot of needs. The Pats need another Wide Reciever to be their number three, and to replace Randy Moss next year. The Pats also need a pass rusher badly. They were one of the worst pass rushing teams in the league, every team had all day to sit in the pocket and cut through their pourous secondary. They also need a TE but I really hope they don’t take one early because TE is not used that much in the Pats offense. They could also use a running back of the future, with Phoney Maroney in his last year and they rest of the old running backs losing tread on their tires. Linebacker and CB is also on the Pats needs list

Golden Tate WR Norte Dame

The Pats need a number three wide out who can fill in early for Wes Welker while he is out, and when he comes back he can be a dynamic flanker who can stretch the field. He will also replace Randy after next season.

Tate absolutely carried Chaz Wiess, Jimmy Clausen and the NBC network with his amazing hands and outstanding speed. Tate would fit in very nicely in Foxboro. Last season he had 1496 yards in 12 games! He also had 15 tuddies and 93 catches.

Others to look out for: Sergio Kindle OLB Texas,  Brandon Graham OLB Michigan, Kyle Wilson CB Boise State, Dez Bryant Ok State WR

23. Green Bay (11-5)

Kyle Wilson CB

Seems like CB is always a need in Green Bay, Wilson is the best player on the board.

24. Philadelphia (11-5)

Taylor Mays S

Philly has an extra pick with the stupid trading of McNabb in the second round. They reach a little on Mays here who could start right away for the Iggles.

25. Baltimore (9-7)

Jared Odrick DL

The ravens had two DE leave in Free Agency and another who is 35 years old which is why Odrick makes all the sense in the world.

26. Arizona (10-6)

Jermaine Gresham TE

With Boldin bolting for the Baltimore, the Cards need another big play guy on offense, Gresham gives the Cards an actual threat at TE for years to come

27. Dallas (11-5)

Anthony Davis OT-

Flosell Adams was released so someone has to protect that pretty face of Tony Romo.

28. San Diego (13-3)

Terrance Cody DT

San Diego ranked 20th in stopping the run, Cody can fill holes.

29. New York Jets (9-7)

Demarvious Thomas WR- G Tech

The Jets have made some nice moves this offseason which makes me hate them even more. Thomas is raw but will fill in nicely with the Jets offense to get downfield. Edwards has one more year left on the contract and the Jets are trying hard to find another WR to put along side him.

30. Minnesota (12-4)

Maurkice Pouncey- OL

Pouncey is a versatile lineman in which the Viks are in need of.

31. Indianapolis (14-2)

Charles Brown OT USC

The Colts need help on the offensive line as do most teams they will go after the best player on their board at that position and Brown it is.

32. New Orleans (13-3)

Sergio Kindle OLB/DE Texas

The Super Bowl champs need front seven help and Kindle can get after the QB. If Kindle actually falls this low it will be a big steal for the Saints.


  1. I love the idea of the Patriots drafting Golden Tate in the first round but do you think he would be a better pick than Dez Bryant if he is still up there?

  2. Good mock. You really think Anthony Davis will slip that far?

  3. Non-Patriots fans are classy

  4. If Dez is still there, you gotta go with Dez. I think Golden is going to be outstanding too.

    With Davis it all depends on the rest of OL and how fast they are off the board, I could see him sliping to dallas' pick and they would scoop him very quickly

  5. According to some scouts, Tate doesn't have great hands. He could even be there in the second round.If Bryant is there, he's clearly the guy they'd take.

  6. McNabb took us on a nice ride. time too move on .Kolb will be fine. We need defensive help FS CB LB. GO EAGLES

  7. Is it too much to hope that an earthquake his Foxboro this year? Maybe while the Jets are there too?

  8. Is it too much to ask for an earthquake to hit Foxboro this year? Maybe while the Jets are there too?

  9. Oh, and the Pats suck big D.

  10. ZERO pressure on the QB last year = WR in the 1st? wow. not happening. you need someone fast to go beside Wilfork to scratch his fat ass before he tries to eat their hand, then move around the edge to get to the QB. write it down

  11. I hear the Bears will trade you Gaines Adams for a 2nd round pick.

  12. Since nobody has responded in the negative towards my desire for an earthquake to hit Foxoboro, I've gone ahead and scheduled that for the Jets game. Hope that's cool.

  13. There used to be a guy who worked here who was a big Pats fan. He was also a big tool who would wear a Pats tie to work every Monday. He got laid off. Goodbye!

  14. TE for the Cards in the first......don't think so! The TE position is not used much as far as the passing attack is concerned in the Cards offense. We go after Jerry Hughes in the first....sucka!