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Thursday, April 15, 2010

David King, What Are You Doing Here?

By Rocky

Chris Hanson: Hi David King, what are you doing here?

David King: The Patriots called me.

Chris Hanson: Sure, did you believe you could just come here thinking that I wasn't home?

David King: Aren't you a free agent?

Chris Hanson: Well, I'm not any agent of the law. You can walk back through that front door whenever you'd like.

David King: What is going on?

Chris Hanson: You tell me. What were you planning on doing here?

David King: Punting.

Chris Hanson: So that's what you call what appalling act you were considering. And how far did it take you to get here. Where are you from?

David King: Australia.

Chris Hanson: You are sick to have made this journey mate, let's see what you have in your bag...ah, Bartles and James, condoms and Ralph magazine. I'm going to ask you again: what were you planning on doing here?

David King: I told you, punting. But I heard New Bedford girls are dirty so that's why I have the condoms.

Chris Hanson: Aha! That's enough premeditated intent! Boys, come in and take this pervert down!

Security rushes in. Tackles Hanson.

Ted from security: Chris, you don't work here anymore. Sorry Mr. King, welcome to the Patriots.

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