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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Jets are kicking the Patriots butt this offseason

By: Greg
Off seasons are always fun. Seeing which players your team lets go or resigns. Seeing who are the best players are on the free agent market and praying that your team makes a run at them. Coming up with crazy trades that might happen to improve your team. Well this off season has not been too exciting for Pats fans all while being mightily exciting for Jets fans.

The Jets have absolutely kick the Pats ass this off season. On paper you could even say that they are a better team now, on paper.

Lets start off by whom both teams resigned:

• The Jets got back Leon Washington, Braylon Edwards, and Brad Smith while letting Thomas Jones go. T

• The Pats got back Vince Wilfork, Stephen Neal, Tully Banta Cain, Kevin Faulk and Leigh Bodden while letting Ben Watson, Chris Baker, Jarvis Green go

Advantage: Pats- Small advantage- They signed all their key free agents and the Jets lost there most productive Running back…….but this is the only thing the Pats win in this offseason.

Free Agent Pick ups:

• The Jets:

  • o LT- While I think he is done and over the hill, he is still an attractive pick up
  • o Jason Taylor- Again over the hill, but they got him at a cheap price and can still help with the pass rush

• Pats

  • o Alge Crumpler- He is on the down side of his career but can still contribute
  • o Torry Holt- Will be a solid pick up but who knows how much gas he has in his tank

  • o David Patten- who knows if hell even make the team
Advantage: Jets- Small Advantage- Both teams got over the hill washed up players but the Jets got a little bit more fire power


o The Pats: NONE

o The Jets

  • o Antonio Cromartie for a third round pick: A very good starting CB to go along side Revis Island will make them the best CB duo in the league
  • o Santiono Holmes for a bag of balls: A former super bowl MVP for a 5th round pick! You cant be serious. Holmes gives the Jets a go to receiver and makes Edwards that much better

Advantage: Jets- Huge Advantage: The Jets get a number one receiver and a starting CB for a third and 5th round pick

Oh and also the Jets have acquired the rights to be on Hard Knocks.

The Jets have been wheeling and dealing with Sexy Rexy Ryan at the helm. On paper they moved very close (maybe even passed) the Patriots. But hey maybe its like the Redskins or the Mets (sorry Marc) whom always win the off season but can never win games. Well see come September.....

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