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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Patriots sign WR Tory Holt

By: Greg
Tom Brady loves veteran wide receivers, guys that know how to run routes and he can gel with. Well Tom and the Patriots are getting one of those guys with the signing of Torry Holt. Holt has signed a one year deal with the Pats today.

Holt was recently with the JagUars and last season tallied 51 catches for 722 yards and zero tuddies, he had about the same totals the year before with the Rams. The previous three seasons before that he had at least 1189 yards, 93 catches and 7 Touchdowns. His numbers have definitely taken a down fall for the last two years, so does he have any gas in his tank? My answer is why not.

• Look the last two seasons he was catching the ball from David Garrad and Marc Bulger, not exactly anything special.

• Holt will be the Pats third WR so he will not be relied upon heavily

• Holt can catch the ball at the sticks so he does not need to rely on his wearing tires

• He can run great routes which is something the other third WRs that have come to the Patriots (Joey Galloway in particular) have not

Should Pats fans be estactic with this pick up? No. Could he be a nice surprise that will give you a similar threat and numbers as the last productive third WR with the Patriots (Jabar Gaffney) YES!

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