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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Logan Mankins demands a trade

By: Greg
The new big Of the offseason is the contract situation with one of the the Patriots best lineman Logan Mankins. He said he will not sign his restricted free agent sheet and feels insulted by the Patriots.

“There is no way I am signing that thing”- Logan
"At this point, I'm pretty frustrated, from everything that's happened and the way negotiations have gone," Mankins said in a phone interview. "I want to be traded. I don't need to be here any more."

This could be a huggge distraction for the Patriots. What the Patriots are doing right now is moving Nick Kazcur to Logans position and Vollmer at the other tackle.

Let’s hope the Pats can get something done long term with Logan because it would be a big blow to the Pats offensive line leadership and depth.

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