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Friday, August 20, 2010

10 things the Blaugh learned about Preseason Game 2 vs Falcons

By: Greg
Another preseason game is in the books and another very good outcome. The Patriots again looked sharp on both sides of the ball in thier second preseason stint. The Pats whooped up on the Falcons moving the ball both on the ground and through the air. The defense made stops when they needed to and kept Atlanta out of the crib for most of the game.
10 observations from game 2:
  • The running game looked real strong. Fred Taylor was breaking tackles left and right, looking like a younger version of himself. If he can keep that up and stay healthy WATCH OUT!
  • The two young Tight Ends were outstanding. Aaron Hernadez looked precise in his routes. On his tuddy catch he showed great footwork. GRONK! looked very good in run blocking and showed he can catch a ball or two. Great signs to see these two do work tonight.
  • Good to see Wes Welker out there and getting POPPED to get back in game shape.
  • Top pick Devin McCourtey made some nice plays. He D'ed up one of the best WRs in the league in Roddy White and broke up a big ball on third down. McCourtey also broke up a key pass with less than a minute in the first half....I still dont like the drafting of him however
  • Brandon Tate needs to learn how to stay on his feet on touchdown celebrations.
  • Not reassuring seeing Gostowski miss that FG, and that was a bullshit roughing penalty (lets save those breaks til the regular season)
  • Speaking of kickers, did you see Mesko the punter's orange shoe
  • How about the annoucers bitching that they could not interview any Patriot players, and saying it was hard enough to get a starting line up.....bitter NFC fox annoucers
  • Tyronne McKenzie, who was out all of last season, looked like a player. He recovered a fumble and was all over the field against the second unit. It will be intresting to see if he can handle it against the first stringers

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